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Married people never talk anymore

Cut to Michael surveying the ruined wreckage of his raft as Vincent frolics amidst the charred beams. He kicks it, and tells Walt, "Look at this! I can't salvage a thing. Pontoons, the decking...the fire burnt up all the twine!" He then redirects his urge to pummel on the actual raft itself, beating it with a long pole. Walt's got the uncomfortable look of any kid who's ever witnessed his parents' nuclear meltdown. Michael catches it, and to his credit, he visibly reins in his temper. He apologizes to Walt; Walt accepts graciously. Michael's all, "No, no, come here. We all have setbacks. I mean, God knows, man. That's life. We'll start over, all right?" Walt's all, "You're going to build another one?" Michael vows he will build a better one. Walt asks if he can help, and Michael tells him, "No doubt you can help! Come on!" He and Walt punch knuckles, the boy grins, and Michael moves on.

Sun's made it back to the waterfall, and she sees Jin hefting a duffel over his shoulder. She asks what he's doing. He drops the bag and heads back to what was their shared space. Sun requests that Jin answer her. She does have a point: half their marital misunderstandings could have been cleared up if they just talked to one another. Since Jin's giving her the silent treatment, Sun does all the talking, asking him if he's chosen to deal with her by moving down to the beach. He doesn't answer, and she finally moves over and yanks a bag out of his hand, demanding to know, "Why didn't you just tell me you didn't burn the raft?" Good question. But we're not getting the answer to that, nor to any of the other questions she has: "Why won't you speak to me, Jin?" "What have I done to deserve this?" and "When did we stop talking?" Jin just gives her a look, picks up his fishing net, and stalks off.

Sun shouts in English, "I was going to leave you!" Jin stops on the edge of the clearing, thus throwing more fuel on rampant internet speculation that he knows a lot more English than he lets on. Sun continues, still in English, "I was going to get away. But you made me change my mind. You made me think that you still loved me." Sun switches back to Korean and says plaintively, "I want to go back to the beginning." And that, in my opinion, is all you need to know about why we heard a few sentences in English right there: that's the language in which she thinks about life without Jin. Life with him takes place in their shared language. Jin looks thoughtful, and Sun presses closer to ask if they can't just start over.

Jin looks like he's deliberating, but what he's really doing is falling into flashback. We see him getting out of a car parked at the water's edge; he's kitted out quite nicely in what looks like bespoke and designer sunglasses. He walks down a rough dock, past nets strung with drying fish, and stops at a fisherman's boat. The fisherman turns around, and with a look of tremendous surprise, gasps Jin's name. Jin, who looks like he's holding back tears, composes himself long enough to say, "I'm sorry, father. Please forgive me. I was [breaks down sobbing] ashamed of you." Jin's father also gets a little weepy and quickly moves to embrace his son. Aww! Snif!

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