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Married people never talk anymore

We then see the two of them working on the boat together, with Jin telling his daddy about Sun. He tells her she's "beautiful. Intelligent. Hardheaded. We don't talk anymore." Jin's dad wants to know why not, and Jin says, "Because I can't tell her about her father. In a good world, she would hate him, not me." Jin's dad grins and reassures him, "It is a good world." Jin says, "You don't know what I've done," and Jin's dad says, "You're my son. It does not matter what you've done."

And then, in the parallels-that-will-make-you-scream-in-frustration-for-these-two-crazy-kids moment, Jin expresses a profound wish to start over. His dad sees no reason why he can't: Jin has to run an errand for Mr. Paik in which he delivers watches to Paik's associates in Australia and Los Angeles, but after Jin's discharged that chore, his dad suggests, "Walk away. Don't come back. Go to America. Save your marriage." From his couch in Calabasas, California, Nick Lachey laughs bitterly and shouts, "Forget it, Jin! You can travel the world, but you'll never be free of your father-in-law! This I swear!"

Anyway, Jin's back in the present. Only instead of, you know, thinking, "Hey. No more father-in-law issues, and my wife's expressed similar desires to reconnect and begin talking. So why don't I learn from my father's selfless example of love and revive my marriage?" Jin just stays mum and settles for looking all meaningfully at Sun until he finally says, "It's too late." Oh, Jin, you were engineered by the next level of humanity in 2525, but they really don't have the hang of healthy romantic relationships in the future, do they? He leaves as Sun stands and sobs into her hands.

Commercials. Any time the block includes both monkeys and a bear, I am thrilled.

When we get back from the commercials, night has fallen. Sayid is staring broodily into the fire. Shannon comes over, looking breathless and excited. "Good news!" she burbles. "The polar bear and the monster have invited us to a mixer on the other side of the mountain! Do you think it'd be weird to double-date with Boone and Locke?" I kid! She says nothing of the kind, because it would drown out the romantic soundtrack. The scene goes to the two of them shot in silhouette against the fire, and then shots of them searching each other's faces before Shannon reaches in and plants one on Sayid. He reacts by asking, "What was that for?" Sayid, just shut it and go with the moment. Shannon tells him, "Everyone gets a new life on this island. I'd like to start now."

Meanwhile, in a less canoodle-y part of the island, Walt's setting up to play backgammon. Locke comes on over and notes, "It's been a while since you and I played." Walt's thrilled for the company; Michael's nowhere to be found, and Walt's not allowed to leave the caves after dark. They start playing, and Walt asks, "Do you have a dad?" "Everyone's got a dad," Locke replies. "Is he cool?" Walt asks. Locke sighs and looks grim as he says, "No. No, he's not." Walt looks like he's just realized he could have it a lot worse. As they play, Locke eventually works around to saying, "Hey, you mind if I ask you something? Why did you burn the raft, Walt?" Walt freezes. He looks up at Locke -- who is, once again, lit so half his face is in the shadows and the other half's in the light -- and Locke reassures him, "Don't worry. I'm not going to tell. You must have had a really good reason." Walt tells him, "I don't want to move anymore. I've been moving places my whole life. I like it here." As Locke turns toward the fire so we can see more of his face in the light, he says, "I like it here too." He smiles at Walt, who gradually looks less anxious.

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