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Married people never talk anymore

In the next scene, we see Michael picking over the components on Ship Of Fools. Jin comes over, bearing an impressive amount of straight poles. He turns around and looks at Michael. The other man is simply baffled. Jin nods and says, "Boat." Michael understands that Jin's offered to help, and the two of them walk over to a fresh site to build a new Ship Of Fools.

The montage music kicks up; coincidentally, we see Hurley strolling along, kicking to his Discman. He passes Shannon and Sayid doing the kinds of things that would promp people to shout, "Get a room!" if there were actual rooms to get. Sun's wandered out to the water's edge, wrapped in a pareo, which she loosens before standing at the water's edge in her bikini. Boy, if there's any clearer symbol that she's shedding her old life with Jin and moving on, I can't think of it. And that's all juxtaposed with Charlie bringing the eternally pregnant Claire a drink.

Hurley takes all this in as he listens to his music. And then, mid-lyric, the CD player's batteries die. Heh. He takes off the headphones and leans back; the silence seems a little more ominous now that one more vestige of civilization's slipped out of reach.

And that's it. I've had a blast subbing in for the incomparable Daniel -- it's been my pleasure, and I would like to thank all of you who welcomed me so warmly, and Daniel, for making me feel welcome too. See you!

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