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Married people never talk anymore

A scene between the two ensues. And you know, if his whole point is that he doesn't want people paying attention to his wife and her rock-solid abs, maybe the way to achieve that goal is to not start a high-volume fight on a heavily occupied beach. Because right now, Charlie, Claire, Kate, Jack, Hurley, and Michael are all debating whether or not they should join in the Mystery Island Players' multilingual revival of Who's Afraid of A Little Bikini?. Jin and Sun continue to argue, because it's not enough to have the entire beach's attention -- they won't stop until Rousseau comes out of the woods with the polar bear on a leash.

Anyway, Jin attempts to drag Sun off the beach, she's not having it, and she falls as he tugs. This prompts Michael to head down to play peacemaker, since he and Jin have a special rapport. As he bears down, shouting, "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey," Sun and Jin continue debating whether they've argued enough to get the attention of every other living thing on the island. Michael comes over and body-checks Jin. Jin takes this about as well as can be expected. The two of them are about to throw down when Sun steps in between the two of them and delivers a mighty slap to Michael's face. The camera pulls back, and we see that both Jin and Sun look kind of appalled that she did that; Sun also looks very apologetic. Michael watches them go; he's wearing a look like I'd love to see what's going on, but there are stars swimming in my vision. Michael, what you're missing is this: Sun storms off, Jin heads after her, trying to hold her hand, but as they walk up the beach, she pulls her hand away, and he gives her a look before turning back to glance suspiciously as Michael. Michael's holding his face all, "I can't believe she actually slapped me." Going by his reaction, I'm guessing we can cross at least one fetish off his list.

Commercials. The Burger King ad for the chicken ranch heart attack sandwich frightens and confuses me. Who styled that commercial anyway? Jeff Koons?

When we get back from commercials, Sun is getting dressed by the waterfall while Jin examines the watch that caused so much strife with Michael before. Without looking up, he asks Sun what's going on between her and Michael. She declines to answer directly, but tells him he's being ridiculous. Jin gives her a look like, "I can tell when someone's avoiding the question, missy. Remember: I'm from the future." Or maybe he just looks supremely annoyed. Sun reassures him that nothing is going on, and Jin continues to look suspicious. To Sun's left, a plant bursts into flames from the heat of his glare. He then ceases glaring and starts looking reflective, which is our cue to flash back to…

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