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Married people never talk anymore

...Sun, once again in a state of dishabille. She's getting into the outfit she will presumably be wearing as she and Jin exit their wedding reception. She's chattering with a friend and bridal attendant, who's all, "You must be so happy to be married!" Sun replies, "Are you jealous?" I'm hoping that's a really good friend. Or one with a sense of humor. Going by the laughter the two of them go into, it's safe to assume it is. There's a knock on the door, and Jin pops in, asking, "Can I have a moment with my wife?" He looks so odd. Is it the tux? Is it the setting? No...wait...I have it! He's smiling. It just seems so unfamiliar. The bridesmaid leaves, but not without a sly comment: "Don't forget your guests are downstairs." Sun burbles about how happy she is, and adds, "I wish your father had lived to see this." Jin's all, "I wish we could move on to another topic of conversation. Do I look uncomfortable here? Like I might be keeping something from you? Well, get used to it -- you're going to be seeing this face a lot during our time together." Oh, he does not. He just looks awkward enough to signal to all the viewers that clearly, there's more to the daddy story than we know thus far.

Anyway, Sun takes his look to mean not that there's a plot development gathering steam for revelation at the 50-minute mark, but that Jin's sad because his dad's not around. Jin ducks the whole thing with, "Wherever he is, I'm sure he's proud of me." Sun then asks him to button up her dress -- a high-necked number with a lot of tiny buttons in the back. She preens a little in the mirror, ands then her expression shifts as Jin peels back the dress and begins nibbling on her shoulder. Oh, girl, I do not blame you one bit. Jin asks playfully if he absolutely, positively has to help her put on her clothes, and Sun's all, "So what about the honeymoon?"

About that honeymoon: Jin explains, "You know that I want to go. It's just that right now, I want your father to see that I'm committed." Somewhere on a couch in Calabasas, California, Nick Lachey begins cackling mordantly and shouting at the television, "Give it UP! It's never going to happen. This I swear!" Sun reasonably points out that "[her father] won't hold it against you. After all, I'm his daughter." Jin promises her they'll honeymoon, "In six months, after my management training is all done." Sun's not too pleased by this prospect; she huffs, "I'm just as important as his car company." Jin rescues the situation by pulling a blossom from a nearby bouquet, tucks it behind her ear, and says, "I promise, we'll have the honeymoon we always dreamed of." The look on Sun's face says she believes him. I love seeing the flower motif repeated from his perspective. It's a great way to establish how these two related to each other, and what they found important.

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