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Married people never talk anymore

And now that I've strung together two sentences that offer serious, sincere assessment of this show, it's time to return to what you really want in a recap. Comments like this: You'd think that when two people who just got married kiss without anyone else around, it'd be a little less chaste. Or when anyone gets a chance to buss Jin, they wouldn't be smooching him like they would their grandpa. Anyway, the scene ends with Sun giving Jin an adoring, trusting look, so we're all getting the point that once upon a time, her opinion of him was considerably different -- and he's aware of how it shifted.

We then see Sun heading toward The Ship Of Fools. Michael is working the boat. Sun looks around to make sure they're alone, then tells him, "Michael, I'm sorry." He tells her, "Don't worry. I stuck my nose where it didn't belong. It's on me." Sun tries to explain, "You must understand --" "All I understand is, I gotta get this raft finished so I can get my boy out of here and take him home." Sun continues, "When I slapped you, I was protecting you." Michael's all, "Oh, really?" and Sun says of her husband, "You don't know what he's capable of." Michael gives Sun a long look and sulks, "It's not my problem. It's yours." Oh, someone's got a crush. Sun heads off, looking troubled. Fabulous -- I'd love to know exactly how she manages to keep her lipstick from melting in the humidity -- but troubled.

Jin, meanwhile, is working out his aggression by hitting golf balls. Only, because he's all considerate -- or because nobody can find the balls -- he's hitting what appears to be either charcoal or small volcanic rocks. Hurley rolls up with, "Why don't you try sea urchin? They got more ping. Hey." Jin nods. I like how they've set up the relationship between these two. But that could be my adoration for Cardinal Hurleyieu and my tremendous aesthetic appreciation for Jin, The Man From 2525, making me biased. As Jin continues to swing, Hurley natters, "So listen, I know things got kind of nasty down there at the beach. I don't want to get involved in husband-and-wife stuff, but I figured, you know, you might need to relax." And Hurley produces two fishing poles. Awesome. I love how this echoes their previous nautical misadventures. Jin looks back. Hurley spreads his arms wide and says, "So?" Jin turns back to hitting balls, because he's not in the mood to be cajoled out of a good sulk by His Eminence, Cardinal Hurleylieu. Hurley tries one more time: "Dude, I'm trying here." We know. Hurley eventually packs it in with, "You want to be an outsider, it's your business." He trundles off, and Jin looks reflective. And unhappy.

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