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Married people never talk anymore

Back on the ship of fools, Shannon is showing Sayid the poles she's lashed down and asking him nervously, "I don't know...do you think this is going to hold?" Sayid replies, "Do you have a past in the Navy you've neglected to tell me about?" Oh, criminy. That's only slightly less cheesy than "I don't know. Let me hold you." Shannon grins nervously at his approval and asks him whatever makes him think that. Sayid replies, "How does a woman like you learn to tie a perfect Bolin knot?" "You'd be amazed what skills you pick up when you intern at a dominatrix's," Shannon says casually. Oh, she does not. I went for the low-hanging fruit there -- we could all see it. I just did something about it. Shannon learned how to tie the knot because she dated a lot of guys with sailboats. Sayid looks bothered by this, but recovers with, "Since you bring it up, I've been worried since I first met you that you might end up being a spinster." Shannon grins with the confidence of someone who's looking at her next boyfriend and says, "Spending my Saturday nights at home alone, tying knots?" "Perhaps with an overweight aunt," Sayid adds gravely. Shannon laughs, and Sayid insists, "It's a very sad image." And a somewhat baffling one, because if the primary criteria for spinster company on this island is weight, Hurley's about to become an aunt. Shannon suggests, "Maybe we should get some rope, spend a Saturday night alone together, and see what happens." Sayid's imagination takes over at that point, using up all the processing power normally assigned to speech. He just gapes before grinning.

Walt walks over to the non-singles side of Ship of Fools and hands Michael some rope. Continuing his streak of not really being able to read his son despite his best intentions, Michael completely overlooks the trepidation on Walt's face and assures him, "You are going to love New York City. No place like it. You know what I really want to show you in New York? Are the buildings. The architecture." "Buildings?" says Walt, with the air of someone who saw the Sydney Opera House every morning over breakfast. Michael vows the Flatiron Building will make an architectural believer of Walt, adding, "That one building inspired me to start drawing and designing things." Walt wants to know why, and Michael says, "You just gotta see it. You wanna see it, right?" Walt lies, "I guess." He then asks if he can go throw a ball with Vincent. You can tell Michael's disappointed that Walt doesn't want to hear more about New York, but he gives the go-ahead for Walt to go play.

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