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Married people never talk anymore

Jack wanders over and compliments Michael on the headway he's made in assembling the Ship Of Fools. Michael points out the decking, the cabin, and the storage bins. Jack's all, "Yeah, well, people are kind of curious as to who's going to be putting stuff in the storage bins with you." Michael replies, "It's not the Queen Mary. I've only got room for four people, and there's one open spot." Jack's all, "Who's got the other one?" That would be Sawyer's cue to saunter up and share his plans to climb aboard, because Michael's expecting him. Because escape won't hurt anymore. It'll be an open smile, on a friendly...wait. That makes no sense. We learn that Sawyer bartered his way on with a few lengths of cable. For all his stockpiling abilities, you'd think he'd have uncovered some clarifying shampoo and volumizing mousse. This isn't his best hair episode. Jack's all, "Hmmm. The chance to be marooned with Sawyer on an open sea? I'd prefer having only a volleyball for company."

Meanwhile, in some tent at night, Kate is busy passing judgment on Sun's relationship with Jin, since she's clearly an expert on how to keep the romance alive. Kate mows over Sun's "He's my husband" with "A husband you're afraid to tell you speak English. I'm trying to understand, Sun." Well, quit flapping your gums for a minute and maybe Sun will say something that clears up the situation. Sun says, "He wasn't always like this. He used to tell me how beautiful I was to him. He was so tender. And then he was different." Kate's all, "What changed him?" Sun does not say, "Working for my father the mobster." This is because she and Kate get distracted by the to-do outside. They head outside, and flag down Charlie, who's running off. It turns out the raft is burning up. Kate and Sun hoof it with Charlie, and we linger, along with the camera, on the immobile Locke. As per usual, his expression is inscrutable.

We arrive at the raft, which is looking less seaworthy and more like it should be used for toasting S'mores. Jack's there, flinging sand on the ship, as is Sawyer, since he paid good cable for his passage. Charlie's scooping sand too. Hurley staggers back from the heat. Both Sun and Kate gawk in horror at the flames. We see Michael sprinting up, shouting, "No, no, no, no, no!" It's to Harold Perrineau's credit that he manages to make each "no" sound completely different, and each one sounds completely despairing. Walt stands immobile, and looks appalled. Michael turns to Sun, and the look on her face makes her draw back. "Where is he? Where the hell is he?" he shouts.

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