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Married people never talk anymore

Commercials. I think it's fabulous that Uncle Ben's Rice is encouraging child labor.

When we get back from commercials, Michael is continuing to inquire as to Jin's whereabouts at the top of his lungs. Jack stops flinging sand long enough to shout, "She doesn't understand you, man!" Mysteriously, Michael does not scream back, "Oh, yes, she does!" Even when he's losing his temper, he's a model of discretion. Kate and her index finger try to tell Michael to back off, but he's not having any of it. He's already decided, "Her husband did this, and she knows it! Are you trying to protect him now? Is that it?" Kate begins to vouch for Sun. Walt, meanwhile, is a little terrified of his dad, and runs over to the Ship Of Fools to begin his own sand-flinging efforts. Michael demonstrates an iota of maturity by pulling his son back and explaining to him, "No, no, it's done." Sun takes this opportunity to make a break for it, but freakin' Kate has to wreck her exit by shouting, "Sun, wait!" This refocuses Michael on his promises to break Jin's neck for his presumed sabotage. Jack stops his pursuit by pointing out, "We don't know that Jin did this." "Are you serious?" Sawyer screams. I love his delivery -- he does the best pissed-off incredulity of anyone on this show. But boy, isn't he going to feel stupid when it turns out that the boar piglet and the polar bear teamed up to burn down the raft? "Dear Mr. Sawyer, I hope you're happy here. We have plans for you…"

Charlie thinks there's a chance Jin did it because "we saw him on the beach this morning," and Jack attempts to make the point that there's a considerable distance between getting angry at an interloper in a domestic squabble and torching the interloper's Ship Of Fools. This point is lost on everyone else. Kate elects not to use her superpower (i.e. talking) to back up Jack.

Meanwhile, Jin's entering the tent he shares with Sun, wincing and gasping from the livid burns he's got on his right forearm. Sun comes in just in time to check them out. All he tells her is, "I'm hurt." She gasps, "You did it?" Jin gives her a look of pain mingled with incredulity. Sun continues, "Michael was trying to get us off this island, why would you --?" "Michael?" Jin snarls, rising and wheeling on her. He looks at her as if he can't believe this is the conversation they're having, then huffs outside. Sun watches him go, baffled.

We then flash back to Jin silently sprinting up the stairs to his father-in-law's office. He's launching into a long spiel about some work-related mishap when Mr. Paik interrupts him to say, "I didn't call you here to reprimand you. I called to promote you. You will be my new special assistant." The bitter laughter of experience rings through the personality-free walls of the Lachey-Simpson McMansion in Calabasas. Jin barely has time to register this before he's told to deliver a message to Byung Han, the Secretary for Environmental Safety. And the message? "I'm very displeased."

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