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Married people never talk anymore

When we get back from commercials, Shannon is tying up a plastic tarp and doing a poor job of it. Sayid comes over, and she giggles that he can help out any time he wants. He's all, "You're very capable, Shannon. I'm sure you'll be all right doing it on your own." It takes Shannon about five seconds to realize that Boone's gotten to Sayid. She charges off into the woods to go find Boone, and hits Locke first.

He's busy dissecting a frog. Oh, sure, on an island full of polar bears and arsonists, Locke has the time to conduct a fourth-grade science experiment. Or broaden his palate; he explains to Shannon, "Gross to you, dinner to me." Shannon barks, "Boone -- where is he?" Locke doesn't know, and Shannon persists, "What do you mean you don't know -- you two are like jungle pals." Locke's all, "Look, I have better things to do than keep track of the guy on this island who's most like to start running around naked and painting himself with mud." Only not in so many words. Shannon tells Locke to tell Boone to butt out, and "if he has something to say, he can at least say it to my face." Locke deflates her quasi-righteous ire with, "Should I be writing this down?" Heh. Shannon goes to stomp off, and as she goes, Locke calls out, "Do you like him?" She turns: "What?" Locke clarifies, "Because if you do like him, what's it got to do with your brother? You're a grown woman. Sure, you can yell at Boone until you're blue in the face, but all you're doing is giving him what he wants." Shannon wants to know what that is. Locke says, "Your attention. Everyone gets a new life on this island, Shannon. Maybe it's time to start yours." Shannon's left to ponder that. SURVEY

Jin's being marched toward the beach by Sawyer, who somehow managed to hold back enough cable or rope to tie the guy up. Sawyer's all, "You're pretty scared now, aren't you?" but Jin's posture seems to be saying, "If by 'scared,' you mean 'bored and wondering why your only effective shots are cheap ones,' then yes, I am petrified." Sawyer decides to kick Jin to the ground just to underscore his point that Jin should be scared. Insofar as rhetorical devices goes, it's not the most subtle. He then promises, "You gonna be, Bruce. Folks down on the beach might have been doctors and accountants a month ago, but it's Lord of the Flies time now." Assuming Sawyer's actually read that book, I bet he thinks of himself as Jack, able to tap humanity's savage instinct. He is wrong. Jin more or less thinks as much. To himself, of course. Conveying literary analysis to Sawyer in English presents enough of a challenge -- he's not going to even try in Korean.

And then Jin goes and has himself a flashback. He's in the apartment he shares with Sun and she's got her hands over his eyes, giving him directions on how to navigate through the apartment. When she finally sits him down and takes her hands off his eyes, we see that she's set up a romantic dinner by candlelight. Jin is appropriately awed and pleased. He kisses Sun on the cheek and she looks a little disappointed. She tells him she was hoping they could have a meal together; Jin tells her he's glad she went to the effort. As they prepare to dig in, Jin's cell phone goes off. Sun's face falls. Jin pulls the phone out, checks who it is, and then turns it off, telling Sun not to worry -- "No work tonight." He smiles, clearly intending to be reassuring, but Sun's only halfway to buying it. She gets back into the spirit of the meal and puts a morsel on his plate -- and then their landline rings. She and Jin have an entirely unspoken conversation, neither of them able to communicate to the other what they want: she wants him to ignore the phone and put her first; he wants her to understand that he's under a tremendous amount of pressure to please her old man. It's only because both actors are so good that this scene comes off. Of course, when you've been designed by a CAD program in the year 2525 and sent back in time, superior acting skills are a given. We'll just have to assume Yunjin Kim is ahead of her time.

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