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Baby's Got Back
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Previously, Sayid and Desmond arrived at the freighter, where a mysterious benefactor opened a locked door for them. And Sun got knocked up by Jin. Which, according to Juliet, means she's doomed. Doooooooomed!

It's nighttime on the boat. Frank is walking along the deck when Keamy asks him if he's "ready." Frank tells him that he'll be up. I guess Keamy has a little of that Nolte fever. As Frank walks away, Keamy tells him, "Don't be late, Frank." Bossy bottom. Frank walks into the boat's interior.

Frank walks along a corridor with a paper bag under his arm. He comes upon a woman sitting in a chair reading a book. It's Regina, and she looks a little out of it. He tells her that her book is upside down. Way to make her feel bad about her illiteracy, Frank. Her book is The Survivors of the Chancellor, by the way. (As always, tremendous thanks to the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters, without whom this job would be impossible.) That book is absolutely terrifying, and should pretty much be banned from every boat in the world. Frank tells Regina he's there to deliver some food, and she tells him to go on in.

Frank enters the sick bay, where Sayid and Desmond (and Desmond's décolletage) are hanging out. Frank tells them he's there to deliver some food -- canned lima beans. Yummo. Sayid wants to know why they're still being held prisoner, and Frank tells him the captain's not too happy with them for busting out of the sick bay. Sayid tells him that they didn't bust out -- someone opened the door. They assumed it was Frank, but he doesn't seem eager to claim credit. Sayid tells him they want to speak with the captain. Frank doesn't think that's a very good idea. He knocks on the door, and Regina lets him out.

On the beach, Sun is sitting near fire when Jin walks over and sits with her. She's worried because it's been three days since Sayid and Desmond left, but he'd rather talk about baby names. Sun tells him it's bad luck to discuss baby names so early, and he accuses her of being superstitious. She tells him she's just scared to jinx the baby. Which is exactly what a superstitious person would say. The tease each other about whether it's a boy or a girl. Jin wants a girl, and wants to name her Ji Yeon. Sun thinks it's a beautiful name, but doesn't want to discuss it. They agree to pick a name after they get off the island.

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