Jin Kwon: Secrets (Kind of)

by Mindy Monez May 4, 2010
The Daniel Dae Kim Interview

TWoP: Do you know why it was done that way? Was it just because they had so much storytelling to get done in that episode?
Kim: You know, I honestly don't. That's more a question for the writers.

TWoP: Do you have any good stories from the final day or the wrap party?
Kim: I would just say that there was such a feeling of camaraderie on the set on my last day, that I just felt it was the right scene to be shooting on that day.

TWoP: So cryptic!
Kim: I'm sorry!
TWoP: No, I know, you can't say.
Kim: I'm sure that when you see it you'll be like "Ahh, that's what he meant."

TWoP: Do you have a favorite memory from the show?
Kim: One of my favorite memories was when the entire cast would be called for large group scenes and we'd be out on the beach or in the jungle, and all the chairs would be set up on a gorgeous day, and Naveen and Terry and Josh would bring out guitars and we would just sing between takes.
TWoP: Really?
Kim: Yeah, sometimes for hours.
TWoP: That's amazing. Any particular songs?
Kim: We were singing everything from folk, to rock, and Naveen Andrews is a human jukebox. He's an exquisite guitar player and an incredible singer, and Terry is the same way. So among their musical catalogs, there were songs from the Police, to the Beatles, to Sade, to Crosby, Stills & Nash, Green Day -- our group sing-a-longs were some of my favorite memories.

[Publicist kindly tells me I've got one last question.]

TWoP: What's going on with Hawaii Five-O?
Kim: I'm really excited about it! It's nice to have a project to look forward to after something as significant as Lost comes to a close. It's Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who were involved with Star Trek, along with J.J. and Damon, so in a weird way it's kind of like keeping it in the family. Peter Lenkov is the executive producer, who's got quite a track record. It's a big script, it's ambitious, it pays homage to the old series, as well as modernizing it and updating it for today's tastes. And though other remakes of old TV shows haven't been successful in the past, I have high hopes for this one.

TWoP: Well, thank you for talking to me. We're very excited about the finale.

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