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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

As Ellie and "the geek" work their way to the bomb, she asks him why he keeps looking at her. Oh, I don't know, Ellie, maybe because you have a frakking semi-automatic trained on him. Daniel explains that she looks so much like someone he used to know. Ellie snips, "Someone other than the girl you just professed your love for? Well, aren't you the Romeo?" Daniel says he's far from it, "Believe me," and walks off ahead, even though Ellie is supposed to be leading him. Maybe it's a time-warp thingie? Maybe the director had a liquid lunch? Ellie says she doesn't believe him -- oh, not about not being a Romeo. She knows geek when she smells it. She's just not buying that he, a British woman, and a Chinese man are all members of the U.S. military. Welcome to America, Bitch. Oh, except that they're not, but you know what I mean. Anyhow, she demands to know who he is and why he's on "our" island. Daniel turns and approaches her, and she backs up, even though she's holding the lethal weapon. Despite her tiny size, Ellie could probably take Daniel without the gun, and with both hands tied behind her back, because while geek isn't the pithiest nickname, it's apt. But he's a cute geek, with foamy, foamy brains. When he says he's their best chance of disarming the bomb, Ellie's suddenly all, "Right then, disarm it."

The bomb is suspended in a wooden frame-y platform sort of thing that looks like it could be the skeleton of a look-out post. The word "Jughead" is emblazoned on the bomb's side (Jughead was a model of H-bomb used in 1954.) Daniel gets skittish and hustles down from the structure when he sees it's leaking. He makes Ellie back up, because it's unsafe, and they need to get away from it. She threatens to shoot if he tries anything. Daniel breathlessly addresses her as if she rides the short tank to Camp Richard. "What, you're gonna -- you're gonna shoot me? Is that right? Yeah, that would be perfect because, of course -- rifle fire right next to -- what would you call this -- a Hydrogen bomb? Yes! Fantastic idea. Really... inspired." Meeee-ow. I think he's channeling Miles. He takes a breath and a good look at Ellie, and his voice and eyes soften. "Okay, listen to me. Do you people have any access to lead or concrete?" They need to seal up the cracked casing with lead then bury Jughead in concrete, and it won't go off. Ellie wants to know how he knows that, but she's pissed that she had to drag his geeky ass all the way out there just to be told she and her people have to bury the bomb. Daniel starts blathering that the bomb doesn't blow up the island anyhow, because the island is still there (and here, and everywhere) in 50 years. They can bury the bomb and stop worrying about it. Ellie cocks her rifle (if you actually cock rifles -- nobody will let me have any firepower). Daniel confesses to Ellie that he and his friends are from the ~ ~ FUTURE ~ ~, and by their day there still hasn't been any atomic blast. She's near ready to shoot when we hear Sawyer behind her. "Drop the gun, Blondie." Daniel tells Sawyer that he can lower his weapon, because Ellie's okay. Sawyer's glad to let the lady go first just the same, so Juliet comes up and goes all These are not the drones you're looking for, but Sawyer shouts at Ellie again, and she finally drops her gun. Juliet retrieves it and Sawyer relaxes his stance when he sees old Jughead swinging from its platform. Ellie aims the disarming-head-tilt + slow-blink combination in Daniel's direction. "Are they from the future, too?" Sawyer looks at Daniel and says, "You told her?!" Dah duh dah duh dah.

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