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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Old Blighty: Desmond charges past a receptionist and into Charles Widmore's office. Widmore dismisses the receptionist and the hired meat who looms up behind Desmond with a mere, "Mr. Hume is a... colleague of mine. Please leave us." Desmond makes it plain he's not there to answer questions but rather to get answers, and promises that once he learns the whereabouts of Daniel Faraday's mother, Widmore will never have to see him again. When Widmore tries to play dumb and pump him for information about Penny, Desmond will have none of it. "Even before you put Faraday on your little boat and sent him off to the island, you spent ten years funding his research. So I figure, you must know something regarding his next of kin." Oh man, pay heed to that last bit, because I'll be getting back to it in a tick, oh yes I will. Widmore gets out his address book, and opens it to the pertinent page. He says Faraday's mum lives in L.A. and writes out the address for Des. I guess the lab and chapel from The Lie weren't in Oxford after all, because y'all know Ms. Hawking has to be the lady in question, yes? This makes Ben's trip to see her more straightforward and less temporo-teleportational. Anyhow, Widmore's fairly reasonable, at least on the face of things. He just wants Desmond's promise that he'll take Penny back to wherever they've been hiding, and keep her safe. He advises Desmond to deliver his message and then "get out of this mess; don't put Penny's life in danger." Widmore explains that this all has to do with something that goes back many years and has nothing to do with Des or Penny. However, he neglects to tell Des that Benjamin Linus wants to kill her, which seems sort of dumb if you ask me. Is Penny gonna die, brotha? I can't really bear the thought, so I'ma block it out right now. Lalalalala. Des sneers, "Thanks for the advice," and swans off.

Locke marches into Camp Richard calling out "Richard Alpert" over and over and ignoring Commando Jones, his rifle and his attitude. When Richard comes to meet him, Locke tells him his name, and Richard asks if that's supposed to mean something to him. Locke looks around until the spooky music stops and then simply says, "Jacob sent me." Richard looks Locke in the eye, then orders Jones to lower his gun. Jones is gobsmacked that Richard might actually trust this sodding old man, who can't possibly track him (except that he did) and would/could never know the island better than he (except that he well might). Richard will brook no insolence. He gets right in Jones's face and keeping his voice low says, "I said -- put the gun down... Widmore!" Holy frak on crack! The wheels in my head are turning nearly as fast as Daniel's were when he saw the radiation burns, but I'm not nearly as well greased. (I know he's not in this scene, but hottie scientist boy does need a bath. I'm just saying.) Locke turns to the Commando, a.k.a. "Brit Boy"; a.k.a. "Jones" -- and says, "You're name is Widmore?" Our man responds, "Charles Widmore," which Locke then echoes. When Widmore asks why Locke cares, Locke smiles the smile of I-love-this-crazy-place. He then composes himself and says, "Nothing. Nice to meet you." We cut to commercial which gives me a moment to hook up my auxiliary brain. It's going to be hours before the original version re-solidifies.

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