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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Desmond returns to Searcher to find Penny bunked down with their wee bairn, telling him a story as he slips off to dream land. She doesn't make it all scary bitchy this time, either. Desmond smiles as he looks upon all he loves in this life or any other (brotha). Penny catches Des up on their day. Their son wanted to fish in the Thames, but it was not a successful expedition. She asks Desmond if he found Faraday's mum. He LIES that there was no one to find -- she died a few years ago. And bless this show, because I know it loves yanking our collective chain, but finds fresh ways to do so, and doesn't drag out this lie like a soap opera might. Penny immediately calls Des on his bullshite and he immediately confesses to it, and to the fact that Ma Faraday is in L.A. Desmond's set to forget the whole mission. He promised Penny he'd be done in a day. Even when he insists he'll be glad to drop it, Penny knows her man. She asks what he'll do when he wakes up tomorrow and the next day and remembers yet another thing. Des says he'll learn to forget it. "It doesn't matter, Pen. You're my life. You... and Charlie." Excuse me, my allergies are acting up. I have to go sob inconsolably clear my throat. Right, then. There we are. They named their boy after Charlie Pace! It's touching, and yet deliciously subversive, since old Pappy Widmore's first name is also Charles. Ah, Show.

Show. Right. Show. Back to the recapping thereof. Desmond looks at Penny and says, "I won't leave you again. Not for this. Not for anything." He holds her face in his uniquely special snowflake hands. Penny knows better. She shakes her head and laughs. "You'll never forget it, Des, so I guess we're going with you." He kisses the side of her head as they embrace. We see a shot of Penny's frightened eyes, peering over Desmond's uniquely special snowflake shoulder.

Meanwhile, back at Camp Richard... Richard examines the compass and recaps for us. "I gave you this... After you were shot in the leg, and I wandered out of the jungle to patch you up?" Locke tells him he's right. Richard wants to know, "Then why don't I remember... well, any of this?"

When Locke says that's because it hasn't happened yet, Richard laughs. He's not sure what Locke's expecting him to say. I'm impressed with Richard's poker face. Locke says, "I expect you to tell me how to get off the island." Richard goes on about that being privileged information and wonders aloud why he'd ever share it. Locke's such a true believer; he doesn't even acknowledge the absurdity of this conversation. "Because you told me that I had something very important to do once I get there." Locke thinks for a moment then adds, "And because I'm your leader."

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