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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Richard raises his eyebrows, and you get the feeling he's stifling a belly laugh. "You're my leader?" Locke says that's what Richard told him. Richard says, "Look, I certainly don't want to contradict myself." He fidgets and looks around, repressing the urge to yell that he's dealing with an utter loon. "We have a very specific process for selecting our leadership, and it starts at a very, very young age."

Locke is agitated. "All right, all right. What year is it right now?" When Richard says that it's 1954, Locke tells him that he (Locke) will be born on May 30, 1956 in Tustin, California -- and if Richard doesn't believe him, he should come visit him. Which (as we know) he will, more than once. Locke hears the buzzing start up and realizes he's about to flash. Again. He rises and looks out the tent flap, and then turns back to Richard and demands to know how to get off the island. The light grows brighter and brighter still. Before Richard can or will give Locke information on how to get off the island, there's a flash and then Locke; Sawyer and Juliet; Miles and Charlotte; and Daniel have all jumped in time. They're not too far off from one another (physically) and regroup where the camp was. Daniel runs to Charlotte. He pats her hair and starts to free her hands from their ropes, as she says she's fine. Miles goes all post-modern Eeyore: "Yeah, me too. I'm great too." Hee! Finally free, Charlotte tries to laugh as Daniel looks at her with alarm. She then falls to the ground, as her nose bleeds buckets. Daniel cradles her in his arms, killing her softly with his song, and we fade to black.

So, are you ready for some conclusions and unspoiled speculation? According to captions on the enhanced re-run of the "The Lie," Ms. Hawking's first name is Eloise. She and Ellie wear their hair the same way, both are British, both are fair. I don't feel like I'm jumping to conclusions when I say that Ellie must be Daniel's mother. I took a tiny step and there conclusions were. And that's all well and good, but here's where I break out the crack pipe of speculation. Inhales. Holds. Exales. I think Ellie/Eloise Hawking/Ma Faraday and Charles Widmore are brother and sister, which would make Daniel and Penny cousins, which would add another layer to their whole connection outside of time (and indeed, to Desmond's connection with Ms. Hawking, too). I think this relationship could explain why Widmore was not only Daniel's research benefactor, but why he also cleaned up Daniel's mistake. And I think this relationship could explain why young Commando Charles took such a familiar tone with Ellie, when he snapped at her, down at Camp Richard. His "Shut it, Ellie," sounded too much like my own kids when they're annoyed with one another. Now I'm just wondering if Daniel's profession of love will somehow make him Charlotte's constant, while hoping they're not blood relatives too, because eww. I've got to re-watch that episode. Will Charlotte live? From here, that looks doubtful, but then again, what does death even mean on this island? I'm looking at you, Dr. Christian Shephard. (And my, your name is loaded, isn't it?) If Charlotte doesn't make it, will we still see her around the island? Or will it be elsewhere? Her character's not really been all that significant yet, but she's gotten a lot of screen time, so it seems weird to think this is the end of her. It is, however, the end of this recap. Ta dah!

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