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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Two years later (which is now, if now were 2007) Desmond steers their boat, Searcher, with his handsome (2-ish year old) son in his lap. He tells his son all about the "very special island" they're approaching... Great Britain. Cheater. That's twice the show has faked me out in a couple of minutes. Des informs his boy about the most beautiful part of the island -- Scotland, with its mountains, glens, monsters, and deep Lockes lochs. Just like a home away from home, eh Des? Des smiles as he confides in his son. "That's where you're Mommy and Daddy fell in love." Penny's less romantic, pointing out it's also where Daddy broke Mommy's heart. Des explains he figured he'd leave that bit out and Penny snipes that he also left out the part about their son's grandfather, and how he sent a boat to the island to kill all Daddy's friends. The baby cries, "Daddy, she's trying to tell the story again. I'm going to have nightmares," or he would, if he weren't one of those precious TV-type toddlers who only speak on cue (and where can you get one those?). At any rate, Penny not only has her islands mixed up -- she's got her knickers in a twist. They're returning to Great Britain so Des can seek out Daniel Faraday's mother at Oxford. Desmond promises Penny they'll be in and out, he'll only spend a day on it all, and that Penny's father will never know they're there. He reminds her that Faraday told him everyone on that island is in danger and that Des is the only one who can help. He has to do it.

Charlotte's headaches worsen and are compounded by dizziness and double-vision as she, Daniel, Miles, and two Redshirts (who must have thought they could thwart fate by sticking with earth tones) trudge through the jungle to the creek in order to meet up with Sawyer, Juliet, et al. When Charlotte calls Daniel on his obvious concern for her condition, he gives her the-old-one-eyed squint + a disarming head tilt, as he says (or LIES) that nothing's going to happen to her; he won't let it. Jumping through time has probably left Charlotte too dumb to live, because she accepts his empty promises with a smile and sallies forth. Their party is the only one at Rendezvous Creek. When Miles wonders if the rest of the strand-aways are dead, Daniel lectures him on keeping a positive attitude. Miles doesn't kill Daniel. I chalk this up to the fact that since Miles can hear dead people, it really wouldn't free him from Daniel's lecture. Besides, he's too busy noticing that Rendezvous Creek is surrounded by tripwires and landmines. He shouts to the Redshirts not to move, thus ensuring their movement. BOOM! BOOM! Bye-bye Redshirts. Kill 'em all and let SAG sort 'em out, I say. I can't keep track of these extras. Now they're just like pretty deadwood floating in the water. Our party of five is now a more manageable party of three, but don't worry, they're not lonely for long. About a half-dozen commandos, armed with bows and (non-flaming) arrows, surround Charlotte, Daniel, and Miles. Soon, a rather young looking blonde woman named Ellie appears from behind them and trains her rifle on our intrepid trio. She demands to know who's in charge, so Miles immediately points the finger at poor Daniel. Miles is growing on me. But Daniel's not growing on Ellie. She glares at him. "You just couldn't stay away, could you?" Neither could we, Ellie. Neither could we.

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