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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

On their boat, Desmond tries to make small talk with Penny about whether their son finally ate breakfast, but her every word is barbed. "He gave me a bit of a fight, but he listens in the end. Unlike his father." The kid's two, so I can't really excuse her temper as being induced by post-partum hormonal flux. It's just... post-matrimonium. You know what I'm saying. She's totally forgotten what a special, unique snowflake our Des is. It's all right, though. She'll come around. She wants to know why Desmond just remembered two days ago that -- while they were still on the island three years prior -- Daniel told him to find his mother at Oxford. Des explains that he doesn't understand how any of this works any better than she does. He just knows that it happened -- that Daniel told Des he was the only one who could save them, and that he had to go to Oxford to find Daniel's mum. Des says he knows how insane this sounds, but I don't think Penny does, because seriously, can you imagine your spouse or S.O. telling you this, without you whisking him or her away to the nearest mental health practitioner, and possibly begging the doctor for an involuntary psychiatric hold? Penny's sitting at the head of their bed. Desmond walks to her and moves in close. "I'll be back by dark and then I'm done. Forever. I promise." When Penny just looks at him, he gives her a sweet kiss and heads towards their bedroom door. After a beat, Penny asks him to promise her that he'll never go back to "that island" again. Desmond scoffs, "Come oan, get aff! Ye aff yer heid?" or possibly, "Pfffft. Why in God's name would I want to go back there?" He means it when he says it, and walks out with one last look at his love, but he never does make that promise in any vernacular.

At Rendezvous Creek, the commandos fish the RedDeadshirts out of the water, while Daniel, Charlotte, and Miles look on -- hands bound. Ellie's still waving her weapon around. She points it at Daniel and notes that while there were 20 strand-aways at the beach, there were only five (and now three) of them at the creek. She wants to know where the rest are. When Miles suggests that maybe they got blown up by some of the commandos' landmines, Ellie is not amused. "We didn't put them here. You did." She turns back to Daniel. "Once we leave here, I will be out of control of what happens to you. But if you cooperate now, things will go much easier for you. So where are the rest of your people?" Daniel shakes his head, and gives her a two-eyed-squint + disarming head tilt and says he doesn't know. If Charlotte weren't seeing double, she'd realize Ellie got twice the squinting she did, but she's too busy with her double-vision to notice.

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