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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Elsewhere on the island, Locke, Juliet, and Sawyer have two, still-living commandos they're dealing with -- even though it's broad daylight and they were ambushed in the middle of the night. One commando is Brit Boy from the last episode. His uniform name reads Jones (Jughead's last name), so that's what we'll call him. Locke comments that the commando's gun is a 30-caliber M1 Garand rifle, and that it looks new. The rifles were in service from the mid-1930s through the early 1960s, so I suspect Locke's trying to place himself in time. He's also trying to figure out who the commandos are, but Sawyer's not in the mood to humor his musings. Our three strand-aways go through the where have we been/when have we been spiel, with Locke taking point. Sawyer then asks what happened to Locke's leg. John tells him he got shot, but before he can say by whom (Ethan), Juliet interrupts to suggest they get moving to Rendezvous Creek to catch up with the rest of the strand-aways. Since they don't have any rope to tie up the commandos, Sawyer (half) jokingly suggests they shoot them. Jones and his comrade start speaking to one another in Latin. Juliet translates that Nameless Commando asked why the strand-aways weren't in uniform and Jones told him to shut up. Locke asks why they speak Latin and Juliet says, "The same reason I do." They're doctors? Nope. Juliet continues: "They're Others." And it's all very dramatic, which I know because they played the Hey Cindy This Is Dramatic, Isn't It music.

Ellie and her commandos lead Daniel and crew to The Others' camp. On the way, Miles walks over the grave of four U.S. Soldiers who've been dead just under a month. He tells Daniel that three were shot and one died of radiation poisoning. Unfortunately, he didn't hear them say what year it is. During the march, Daniel takes note that one of the commandos has bandaged hands, and you can see the wheels of his mind spinning a million miles an hour. Once they reach camp, the ageless and dashing Richard, who is quickly becoming one of my favorites on this show, exits his tent to greet them. Oh, and to settle this once and for all, 'Guyliner' is a misnomer. Daniel is careful to reveal less than he learns and turns Richard's questions back on him, so Richard introduces himself. "My name is Richard Alpert." You killed my father. Prepare to die. Wait, that's not it. "I assume you've come back for your bomb." Dah duh dah duh dah duh dah duh dun!

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