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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Camp Richard: A commando shoves Miles, Charlotte and Daniel into a tent. Charlotte assures Daniel she's fine, while Miles mutters that they're so dead. Daniel tries to calm him down. "Hey, no, no, no. We are not so dead. We're gonna be fine. We just need to keep it together until there's another flash, all right? Then all this disappears." When Miles asks when the next flash will happen (there hasn't been one in this episode so far), Daniel says, "Could be five minutes. Could also be 5,000 years." Miles thinks that's "just awesome." Heh. Dan reckons that Richard and the commandos must believe Daniel, Charlotte and Miles are with the U.S. military, and so their best chance of staying alive is to foster that belief. Richard comes wanting to know where the rest of Daniel's "squad" is. Daniel wants to know why he'd ever tell him that. "So you can kill them, too?"

Richard says, "We didn't start this, friend. Your people attacked us. You come to our island to run your tests; you fire on us and what... You expect us not to defend ourselves?" Hmmm. Daniel mumbles that he and his crew are just scientists and don't know anything about any of that. Richard wants to know if "they" sent Daniel et al there to recover "it." The final piece clicks in Daniel's mind, so he's locked, loaded, and ready to bear... falsehoods. "If you mean our hydrogen bomb, then yes." Daniel nods toward one of the guards that came in with Richard and Ellie -- the one with the bandaged hands Daniel noticed en route to Camp Richard. "And I'm guessing from this man's radiation burns that the housing has been compromised. Is that right?" Richard looks to his injured commando as Daniel continues. "You need to listen to me. You have an unstable device that's capable of destroying this entire island. And it's broken. If you don't allow me to render it inert, all of us are gonna die." Brotha! Richard wants proof they weren't sent there on a suicide mission to take out the island and all its inhabitants, so Daniel says, "I'm in love with the woman sitting next to me, and I would never... I'd never do anything to hurt her." Richard buys this rather easily. I can't decide if Daniel's telling the truth. I can't even decide if Daniel knows. He's good. Miles might be jealous though; maybe he's sweet on Daniel.

Locke walks through the jungle, looking at the compass Richard gave him last week. He's behind Jones and Nameless Commando. Juliet and Sawyer are in the lead, and he asks who taught her Latin. Juliet explains that it's part of the Others 101 curriculum, because Latin is the language of the "enlightened." Sawyer snaps, "Enlightened, my ass." Somnus, somni, somno, somnum, somno, somni, somne.

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