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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Meanwhile, Locke encourages Nameless Commando to talk to them -- threatening that the rest of the strand-aways are going to be mad at the commandos for attacking them. With flaming arrows? Um, ya think? Nameless says that the rest of the strand-aways are either captured or dead. Once he has everyone's attention, he puts the blame on Sawyer. "That idiot shouted out, 'Meet at the creek'. We knew exactly where they were headed -- sent a group after them." And I suddenly feel sick, because we haven't seen Rose and Bernard yet, have we? They're not at Camp Richard and weren't at Rendezvous Creek. Lalalala I can't hear you, Nameless. You're the tree that falls in the forest when nobody's there because they've all been eaten by a polar bear. Sawyer snarks that maybe he should have used his 'secret language' and does the You Want A Piece Of Me dance, or possibly the pee-pee dance, as he saunters towards Nameless. Juliet holds him back and Latinizes at the commandos -- making me realize that this is the first show I've watched that used Latin for anything other than exorcisms and spells. Juliet explains that the strand-aways aren't the commandos' enemies, so Nameless asks her to let him and Jones go, which seems like a reasonable good-faith request -- so don't do it, Juliet! What? I belong to the Hurley School of Strategy. Juliet counter-proposes that the commandos take the strand-aways to their camp, and asks if Richard Alpert is there. Locke catches the name, but Juliet shushes him, and keeps working Nameless, who finally decides to tell her where the camp is. "Okay, we need to head east another couple of kilometers until we hit the ridge..." Jones runs up behind Nameless and breaks his neck in a single snap, which makes me think of Angelus, which makes me reconsider whether there still couldn't be exorcisms or other spells in the island's future (or past, or whenever we are). Jones then runs off, leaving his victim-comrade's corpse in the care of our strand-aways. Sawyer hollers at Locke to shoot the fleeing Jones, but although Locke takes aim, he hesitates, and lowers his weapon. Sawyer grabs it from him, and gets off a round, but Jones is gone from sight. Sawyer yells at Locke, asking why he wouldn't shoot Jones. Locke, still staring at the spot where Jones disappeared into the thicket says, "Because... he's one of my people."

Desmond's talk with the Oxford workman leads him to the house of a woman named Teresa Spencer. Her sister Abigail has nothing good to say about Daniel when she lets Des in, and we soon see Teresa. She looks like the girl in the photo left behind in Daniel's lab. And sure, to the naked eye she seems to be in a vegetative state, but we know she's simply no longer bound by either time or space. Abigail says that Teresa is "away" right now. Sometimes she wakes up and thinks she's three. Other times she's just talked to their father who has been dead five years. Daniel abandoned her -- ran off to the States, and it's only thanks to a Mr. Charles Widmore than Teresa is getting good care. It seems Widmore was Daniel's benefactor, too; he funded all his research and took responsibility for the disastrous result of it (i.e. Teresa). Nodding toward the personal care attendant and all the medical equipment in the room, Abigail says, "Everything here is due to Mr. Widmore. God bless him."

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