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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Jones tries to find fault with this plan, but Richard talks over him -- ordering Ellie to take Daniel and go. He then turns his wrath on Jones, asking how he escaped. When Jones says he ran, Richard looks at him with contempt. And it never occurred to you that they might follow you?" Jones scoffs that their "sodding old man" leader could never track him, and at the idea that the sodding old man might know the island better than he does, so you know whom we're going to see next...

Why, it's that sodding old man, and tracker extraordinaire -- John Locke! He's with Juliet, looking down on Camp Richard from a distant hillside. When Locke asks Juliet how she knew Richard would be here, she answers in her cryptic way that Richard has always been here. Locke asks how old Richard is, but all Juliet offers in response is, "Old." She wants to know why Locke's so interested, and it's times like these that still make me doubt Juliet and wonder if she isn't still some sort of double (triple?) agent for Benjamin Linus, so pardon me while I adjust my tinfoil hat, so that I can finish this recap. Locke says, "I'm interested in him, because he was about to tell me how I could save us... But before he could finish, we were interrupted by that flash of light, and I'm hoping we can pick up where we left off."

Sawyer comes up behind them just then, and with a wry grin says, "I hate to bust up the "I'm an Other/you're an Other" reunion, but Faraday -- the guy that's actually gonna save us -- is being death marched into the jungle right now." Locke looks down to see Ellie marching Daniel off at gunpoint and nods. "Good luck with that." Oh, SNAP! Sawyer wants Locke's help saving Daniel, but Locke wants to go down to Camp Richard and finish his conversation with Vamp Richard. After Sawyer points out that will get him killed as he tries to save Daniel, Locke says he'll give Sawyer a 10 minute head start, and then... walks directly down the hill to the camp because... um... he maybe thought there was a flash and he was now 10 minutes in the future? Don't look at me. I don't block the scenes; I just let them nibble away at my brain. Sawyer turns to Juliet and asks if she's going to stay "here in Crazy Town," or help him rescue "the geek." Oh Sawyer, your nicknames are usually cleverer by half. Maybe you should sit in the shade and drink some water, and remove the late Frogurt's shirt, while you're at it. You don't want to get overheated.

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