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Van: Hurley follows Jacob back to the van and peppers him with questions. When Jacob doesn't answer, Hurley gets annoyed and warns him that Jin will be back in a second. Jacob is crouched down by Sayid now. "Your friend Jin won't be able to see me." Hurley asks why. Jacob: "'Cause I died an hour ago." Hurley says, "Sorry dude, that sucks [...] how'd you die?" Jacob says he was killed by an old friend who tired of his company. Hurley is concerned that Jacob wants him to do something crazy again (the first dose of crazy was taking the return flight to Craphole), but Jacob says no. "I want you to save Sayid." Jacob says Sayid only has a chance if Hurley brings him to the Temple. "The rest of them will be safe there. [...] Jin knows [where it is]. Tell him to take you to the hole in the wall where he was with the French team -- through that opening you can get into the Temple. You still have the guitar case I gave you? [...] Bring it." Hurley asks, "Who are you, dude?" Jacob says, "I'm Jacob." Hurley's eyebrows raise in surprise, but before he can ask him anything else, Jin arrives. Jacob has disappeared into thin air. Jin says they have to bring the van down to the hatch-pit to help Juliet. They load Sayid back into the van and speed through the brush. On the way, Hurley says, "Jin, if I asked you to take us where there's like...a hole in the wall -- where you went with the French team -- would you know what I was talking about?" Jin says, "Yes." Hurley: "Good." Jin backs the van up to the edge of the hatch-pit, gets out and throws the chains down to a waiting Jack and Miles, while Sawyer frets to Kate because Juliet is no longer making any noise. Kate murmurs comforting lies at him -- that Juliet's probably resting. Sawyer looks her in the eye. "If she dies, I will kill him."

Plane Reality: Cindy makes an announcement. If there's a doctor on board, he or she should press the call button. Jack responds and Cindy brings him back to the restroom, explaining a passenger went in there about a half hour before and is now not responding to them. Oh man. It's Charlie isn't it, and he's overdosed. Another guy is still knocking at the door and says he thinks the lock has been tampered with. Suddenly, a silken voice interjects from off-screen: "May I be of assistance?" SAYID! He kicks in the door and there's Charlie slumped over on the can. Jack says he's not breathing! Commercial.

Cindy rushes back to the bathroom area carrying a bag of medical supplies. She's stopped on the way by Sawyer (who calls her Earhart, heh) who wants to know what's up. She gives him the standard non-answer and makes her way back to Jack. Sayid holds the respiratory mask tightly over Charlie's face, while Jack bags (not a sexual euphemism) Charlie. His airway is obstructed. Jack tries to reach down Charlie's throat to remove the obstruction but decides he's going to have to give him a tracheotomy. The only problem is, there's not one sharp thing on the whole damn plane. If Charlie dies yet again, the terrorists really will have won. Jack tells Cindy to get his pen out of his jacket. She looks, but it's not there. Remember that when you read the episode 6-2 recap. Jack reaches back down Charlie's throat with his fingers and finally dislodges the obstruction. It's a bag of heroin. Charlie didn't O.D.; he tried to kill himself. I don't like that part of this new world, at all. Once he comes to, it's clear he's less than thrilled to be alive. Poor Jack's smile fades.

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