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Double Your Pleasure

Island Reality: Jin, Sawyer, Jack, Kate and Miles work to wrap the chains around the beam and attach it to the van. Up above, Jin gets back in the driver's seat, and after a couple of false starts, he manages to tow the beam off of the ur-pit. Saywer climbs down to Juliet, throwing the old hatch exercycle out of the way in order to get to her. She's trapped under yet more debris, including another beam. He finally manages to wake her. She looks around and asks, "Where are we?" Sawyer lies that she shouldn't worry about that, and that she's fine; he's just got to free her. She looks around and starts crying. "It didn't work. We're still on the island." Sawyer tries to shush her, but she won't have it. "No. I hit the bomb and you're still here." Sawyer stops. "You what? You hit the bomb? Why?" Juliet reaches for his face. "I wanted you to be able to go home. I wanted to make it so that you never came to this damned island. It didn't work." Sawyer shushes her again. "Don't you worry about that. You're gonna be okay; I'm gonna get you out of here and we're all gonna go home together. You hear me?"

Up above, Kate calls out for Sawyer, while Jack, Hurley and Jin look in on Sayid. Jack says there's nothing he can do for Sayid. Hurley says there's something he can do for Sayid -- get him to the Temple. Miles says, "And you know about this, how?" Hurley says, "This guy Jacob told me about it, just before we got here." Jack wants to know who Jacob is. Hurley snaps at him. "Does it matter? Can you fix Sayid, Jack?" Jack acknowledges he can't. Hurley stares him down. "Then you're going to have to let me do it." Go Hurley. Get down with your bad self! Even Jack nods in agreement.

Four-Toes Beach: Richard tells Ben it's time to come clean with him. "You and I have known each other for 30 years, Ben. I'm asking you this as a friend." Ben finally looks at him. "You want to know what happened, Richard? Why don't you go inside and find out." Mee-ow. Just then, Bram marches over, grabs Ben by the scruff of his neck and he and a couple of the other male goons march Ben off to the statue base. They send Ben in, first. Faux-Locke asks where Richard is. Ben says he's not coming. Faux-Locke wants to know who is behind Ben, then. Bram and the goonies march in, weapons at the ready. Bram demands to know where Jacob is. Faux-Locke tells him Jacob is dead and tells them that he assumes they're there as Jacob's body guards. "Well, I have good news. Jacob burned up -- right there in that fire. Therefore there's nothing left for you to protect. You can go. You're free."

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