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As I noted in the recaplet for this episode, "where were we" is the epitome of a loaded question, and yet... There are (at least) two realities, now. One is taking place in L.A. in 2004. In the recaplet, I assumed the second reality exists because the Jack Daniels plan worked; when Juliet banged on Jughead with the rock, the bomb detonated, and the island and all its inhabitants from 1977 sank to the bottom of the sea. Except wait. I've had more wine time to think and Darlton hasn't yet endorsed that theory, so what else could it be?

Well, here's another thought. In Sci-Fi (not SyFy; yeah, I'm looking at you), what causes one reality to split into two or more? A paradox. Where's the real paradox here? It's not so much the bomb. It's the man behind it -- that is -- Daniel Faraday. The last time we saw 1977 on the island, Daniel was a full-grown man from 2004, who had ended up on the island, flashing to all different periods of time, including 1977. And in 1977, he met up with his own mother, who was pregnant with fetus-him. And? His own mother, who was pregnant with fetus-him, then shot adult-him and killed adult-him. If Juliet's bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang set off the Jughead, the detonation should have killed all our Losties, and probably all the 1977 Dharma folks and the 1977 Others -- including Daniel's parents -- (the pregnant) Eloise Hawking, and Charles Widmore. As near as I can reckon, last season, when Jack, Kate, et al were first transported to 1977, there was only one timeline, and they had just jumped back in it. So, if you're in timeline A and you put a plan into motion that was dreamt up by Daniel Faraday in the year 2004 of that timeline, and explained to you in 1977 (which is when you carried it out), but the guy who dreamt up the plan was not only killed in 1977, his existence was wiped out (because his mother had not yet borne him), then how could the plan happen at all, if Daniel never existed to suss it out. Maybe I should shut up, but do you see where I'm going with this? If you do, can you send me a clearly marked roadmap, because I have no freaking clue and my nose starts bleeding when I think too long and hard about it, so let's move onto the recap. Ready? Okay!

Daylight; Island Reality; Jungle: The gang unloads Sayid from the van. When Hurley grabs the guitar case, Miles teases, "Are you gonna sing "Kumbaya" on the way?" Hurley says it's not a guitar, but won't say any more. As Sawyer unloads shovels from the back of the van, he tells Kate he's not going with the group; he's going to bury Juliet. Kate asks to accompany him and help out, but Sawyer tells her to help with Sayid. Then he turns to Miles and asks him to assist. Ooooh, burn. Kate tells Sawyer and Miles she'll leave a trail so they can follow. Sawyer turns slowly toward her. "I ain't following nobody, Kate." Jack is giving water to a nearly unconscious Sayid, when Hurley asks if they're ready. Jack says, "Whenever you are," and then looks to see Sawyer struggling under the weight of Juliet's body. Once he and Miles are gone, the group lifts Sayid on his stretcher and heads off toward the temple. We cut to...

L.A. Reality: This is the same as the "Plane Reality" except they're not on the plane any more, and I like to be specific. So -- anyhow, Jack gets paged to the nearest courtesy desk. When he arrives, the nervous desk clerk informs him that they've lost Christian Shephard's coffin -- and he uses the word coffin, which, you know, is a perfectly fine word, but people usually use casket in professional sorts of situations, so it caught my attention. Also? Ahahahahahaha. Jack cannot catch a break, can he? The clerk says the coffin was never put on the plane. Jack tells him the funeral is in two hours and wants to know when it will arrive. The clerk doesn't know, "because we're not exactly sure where it is." Nice.

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