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La Vie En Fleur
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Sawyer and the Strand-aways con their way into the Dharma Initiative and wackiness ensues. ...And heartache, terror, and of course, confusion. Seriously, with all the jumps back and forth in this episode, I feel like it should come with a warning -- like the kind you see on carnival rides.

Attention Riders: Due to the nature of this ride, backpacks, purses and other loose items are not permitted. Glasses must be secured. If you have a history of recent surgery, heart trouble/high blood pressure, inner ear infection, neck trouble, back trouble, or any other condition that may be aggravated by riding, or if you are pregnant, you should consult your physician before boarding. TWoP is not responsible for lost items. Keep all parts of your body inside ride unit at all times. Shirts are required on all rides. Unless you are James Sawyer. Ahem. Now, let's see what it's all about.

Previously on Lost: Sawyer bitch-slaps Daniel, then orders him to talk. Daniel says they should think of the island as a record on a turntable and now that record is skipping. Whatever Ben did at the Orchid Station must have dislodged them... from time. Sawyer yells in frustration. Charlotte cries and collapses. There's a ginormous flash which leaves Charlotte at death's door. Daniel grimaces -- I think that's his grimace of grief. Locke tells everyone they have to go back to the Orchid. He says this is all happening because of everyone who left the island. He thinks if he can get them back, it will stop, and he name-checks Kate, just to get Sawyer's attention. At the well where the Orchid will one day be, Locke lowers himself down, and while he's descending, there's a flash. Sawyer holds onto the rope for dear life, but Locke falls...

The boundary between the previouslies and tonight's episode is a little muddy. Everything with Locke happens the same. He breaks his leg and makes his way to the frozen donkey wheel. The only difference is that we cannot see Christian Shephard this time, and Locke is never shown speaking to him. Above ground, after the flash, the well is gone, but Sawyer continues to hold the rope (which leads into solid earth) until Miles points out the current situation and says, "I think you can let go of that now." Sawyer tries to dig out Locke with his bare hands, but Juliet talks sense into him. They're wondering when they are and figure it's sometime before the well was built. Miles catches sight of something in the distance then adds, "Way before." The object of his attention seems to be the rear end of old Four Toes, but he's no longer just a paw. From the rear, the statue seems like it could be one of Horus.

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