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La Vie En Fleur

Once they reach their errant drunk, Sawyer says he'll bring Horace home and that Miles should put out the fire and pack up the dynamite. Miles, bless him, says, "Why don't you put out the fire, pack up, and... and I'll take him home?" So he's talked to Dr. Arzt's bits somewhere along the way, I see. But Sawyer holds the trump card. "You wanna tell Amy where we found him?" Amy? I thought Horace's wife was Olivia? Whatever her name is, Miles would much rather deal with dynamite and fire. Maybe she has PMS?

That's no PMS! That's a pregnancy (which can manifest as raging PPPMS). And that's no Amy, that's Michelle Dessler a.k.a. Reiko Aylesworth. Okay, I guess she is Amy, but if I randomly call someone Michelle during this recap, that's who I mean. Sawyer brings Horace in, and on Amy's instruction, he lays him upon the couch and tells her he found Horace out by the Flame Station, blowing up trees with dynamite. After Sawyer reminds her that whatever's going on will be on the "coconut telegraph" by breakfast, Amy confides in him that she and Horace had a fight about "Paul." But she can't tell him any more, because she goes into labor and insists the baby is coming.

Three Years Earlier: Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Jin find Daniel. He's still kneeling in the forest. They hear him repeat the same thing over and over. "I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to tell her." Poor Daniel. He must be referring to Charlotte's final revelation -- that a scary man warned her not to come back to the island or she'd die, and that he was that man. But he's also Mr. Rules-Man, always telling everyone how they can't change anything, so you know he'll end up telling her one way or another, because what's already happened has happened. And then he'll grimace again, and ditto. Juliet tries to talk to Daniel like he actually has a brain left -- asking him where Charlotte is. He finally says that she's dead, and that there was another flash and then her body disappeared. "She moved on, and we stayed." This seems like news to Sawyer. Someone wasn't wearing his listening ears, because Juliet and Miles nearly spelled this out at the top of the episode. "We're not traveling through time anymore? You're saying it's over?" Daniel may be a broken mess of scientist-man shards, but he can still be condescending. "Of course it's over. Wherever we are now -- whenever we are now -- we're here for good." Juliet's head starts to jerk, but she controls it almost immediately. Daniel returns to his mantra: "I won't do it. I'm not gonna do it." He's so gonna do it.

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