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La Vie En Fleur

Amy mourns over Paul's body, while Juliet tells her crew that since Amy's friend is wearing a Dharma jumpsuit, they must be in the '70s or '80s. She can't ID the others as Others for certain, because it's before her time. Jin finds a walkie and tosses it to Sawyer, who then tries to get Amy out of there before the other men's comrades come looking for them. When she wants to know who Sawyer and crew are, he takes a page from Rousseau's book and says they shipwrecked on the way to Tahiti. Amy then starts to freak and insists they bury the Others -- halfway explaining it's necessary because of some truce. She also wants to take Paul "back home." Jin volunteers to carry Paul and Sawyer agrees that they'll bury the Others and carry her friend back. Amy says, "He wasn't my friend. He was my husband." Aha haha haha. A ho. Oh. That was a straight line, apparently. On the way back, Sawyer tells everyone to let him do the talking once they reach the Dharma Initiative, reminding us of his con-man past. "I used to lie for a living." Just then, Juliet screams out for Daniel to stop, because he's about to walk between the sonic fence pylons. Without thinking, Juliet reveals that she knows what it is when she tells Amy to turn it off, prompting Amy to ask again who they are and where they were going. Sawyer distracts her from Juliet's gaffe. "Listen, sister, we're the ones who just saved your life and hid those bodies, so how about you trust us and turn that damn thing off?" Amy makes her way over to the security keypad on the bottom of one of the pylons. She enters a secret code, lifts the lid and seems to flip a switch. Our gang makes her walk through first, and she does so unscathed. So what do these geniuses do -- they walk in five abreast and are brought to the ground, convulsing until they pass out. Meanwhile, Amy removes her earplugs. I totally would have sent Daniel first.

Three years later: Amy is in labor. And screaming, poor thing. The Dharma Initiative Internist seems so inept, I'm a little disappointed Sawyer didn't nickname him Prissy. Oh, wait. I can do that. I'm a recapper. The short Dr. Prissy's story is that the baby is breach and Amy needs a C-section, and he don't know nuthin' 'bout birthin' no babies. Dharma women always deliver off-island, and Amy was scheduled to leave Tuesday, but her baby's coming two weeks early. Two weeks is nothing when timing a pregnancy, but I'm too tired to pick at that with any depth. Realizing he's getting nowhere with the doctor, Sawyer stomps out and over to the motor pool, where Juliet's working underneath a VW bus. Juliet reminds him they had an agreement (and it must be unspoken), and she sure doesn't want to try to help another woman on this island give birth only to see her die, but Sawyer convinces her by suggesting that whatever it was that killed the babies and mamas in their time may not have happened yet. In the delivery room, Juliet the Mechanic gets rid of Dr. Prissy and gets down to business. I wonder what everyone else thinks about this. Oh, the Internist can't cut the baby out, but the mechanic'll do it. Amy for her part, prefers Juliet. I understand this. When a woman finds a mechanic she can trust, one who doesn't talk down to her because she has an innie rather than an outie, she holds on for dear life. Catching the expression on Juliet's face, Sawyer takes her aside. "Listen, you're gonna do great. I know you are." She says okay in a way that reminds me of Jack's old method of letting himself feel his panic for five seconds, and then no longer. She grabs her stethoscope and softly whispers, "Okay," to Amy. Meanwhile, Sawyer flees like the lily-livered chicken he is. What'samatta, you gonna get girl cooties?

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