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The Mirror of Erised
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Previously, on Lost: In the new reality, Oceanic Flight 815 lands and Jack learns that Christian's coffin has gone missing. Meanwhile, back on Craphole, the Losties make their way to the Temple. The Templars drown dip Sayid in the polluted spring a.k.a. Murky Mikvah. Oh noes, Sayid is dead. Oh hurrah, he was just kidding! Later, Dogen tortures Sayid. He's not kidding in the slightest on account of having no sense of humor. When Sayid cries out in pain at being shocked and branded, Dogen determines Sayid is infected. He gives Jack a green pill to administer to Sayid, saying it will kill the infection, but neglects to mention that it will do so by killing the host a.k.a. Sayid, since it's poison and all. When Jack wants to know what the hell is up with that, Dogen says there is a darkness growing in Sayid. Jack is all, "How do you know?" Dogen says, "It happened to your sister." Speaking of, Jin gets snared in a nasty trap. Before Templars Aldo and Justin and kill him, Feral Claire shoots them, killing Aldo and wounding Justin. When Jin turns to his savior, he can't believe his eyes. "Claire?"

Currently, on Lost; L.A. Reality: Jack arrives home from work. The camera pans through his apartment, making sure to linger lovingly on the worst photo-shopped picture I've seen on network TV. It's an old one of the family Shephard; Christian is in a light suit; Margo wears a brown dress; Jack is in a tuxedo. Is it a prom picture? A wedding shot of a young groom and his folks? I can't decide because I'm so distracted by the my fambly iz pasted on YAY!-ness of it all. There's also a picture of Jack and Christian at the hospital. They're... smiling. New reality, remember? Jack strips off his scrub shirt and throws on a blue-and-white striped button-down, shirt. And WHY OH WHY HAVE THEY WAXED MATTHEW FOX'S CHEST? Reader Joyce sent me an email reminder that Jack was similarly bare-chested in "Something Nice Back Home." She thinks this is a link between the two realities and says Kate must prefer the baby-ass smoothness she experienced with Sawyer's (waxed) chest. I say pshaw. You know Kate wouldn't mind some conveniently located hair to pull. Anyhow, Jack washes his face and then looks in the mirror, because that's what this season -- this final season -- this show -- is all about: smoke and mirrors. I'm working furiously to enjoy the ride, which necessitates remaining in denial about how much of time I've devoted to smoke and mirrors, so let's get back to Jack. He's now pondering his appendectomy scar, which we know he got on the island, courtesy of Juliet. How does it all shake out on this side of the looking glass?

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