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During the Locke-down, John needs a little Gale force
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Flashback. Locke's digging through his sock drawer. One of his socks looks a little more cubical than usual, and that's because Locke (he has hair!) has hidden a little jeweler's box with a diamond ring inside.

And now he's in the kitchen, packing up one of those fancy picnic baskets that accommodate wine glasses, while Helen putters around the kitchen happily asking what she's done to earn this, and Locke asks if her "fella" can't just take his "girl" out for a picnic, and maybe Locke wants to come back from the 1950s at some point, and he rolls the diamond ring up in a napkin and puts it in the basket. Helen asks if she can do anything to help, but he tells her he's got it under control, and he rather clunkily says, "Just read your obituaries and drink your coffee," and how obvious could it have been what was coming next? I know lots of people who enjoy reading the obits, but this was really awkward, and made worse by Helen going on about how it's the nicest part of the paper because no one says anything bad about people after they die, and I guess this was filmed before Milosevic kicked it. Meanwhile, you're thinking, "JUST TELL US JOHN'S FATHER DIED ALREADY," and Helen's reading and she suddenly looks concerned and asks Locke what his father's name is. He asks why. "Is it Anthony? Anthony Cooper?" Locke says it is. "He's dead," she says, looking stricken. She looks more emotional than Locke does about it; he just looks stunned.

And we cut to present-day Locke, sitting across from Henry, still chowing down on cereal, picking up right where we left off last time. Jack grabs a pen and tells Henry to draw his map again, but Henry says he was joking (about whether he's an Other). Jack and Locke are not laughing. "There's nothing out there besides my balloon. I was just frustrated. It was a stupid thing to say. I'm sorry," says Henry, looking quite contrite. Locke offers up that Ana's already long gone anyway. So yeah, no sense going after them if they're in trouble…? "So what's done is done?" says Jack, somewhat sarcastically. That's right, says Locke. Jack flat-out orders Locke to put Henry back in the armory, and he stomps off. Locke watches him go, and Henry does his little up-to-no-good eyes-widening thing, and says, "Why do you let him talk to you like that?" Locke doesn't answer, but he does seem sufficiently pissed off to grab Henry by his shirt and practically drag him back to the armoury. Hey, shit rolls downhill, Henry! Henry starts apologizing again, not that it does him any good.

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