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During the Locke-down, John needs a little Gale force

Nighttime. Jack's walking through the jungle. Kate comes racing up after him, since it now appears she's carrying a torch for Jack. Get it? "Carrying"? "Torch"? "Jack"? Oh, forget it. That's gold. She asks if he's heading to the hatch. He says yes, and she asks to tag along. "It's been a while since I had a shower, and I was just hoping that…" but he interrupts her to tell him that the plumbing's busted. He's clearly lying. Although you'd think he'd have a lot of practice making up excuses about why people can't come down to the hatch, since you figure everyone would be asking, what with the bathroom and laundry facilities and all. But we never see anyone other than a chosen few down there, do we? He promises to tell her when things are fixed. They both turn to go their separate ways, but then she turns back to smilingly tell him that she's glad he beat Sawyer. So Veronica's hot for Archie, not Reggie, this week, eh? I guess she was pissed at Sawyer for manipulating her like everybody else. Not that she can be bothered to act mad around Sawyer, though, I guess. She doesn't say why or anything, and Jack doesn't ask. But when Freckles turns on the charm, it's enough for Jack to say, "The hatch can wait," and offer to walk her back to the beach, like I still can't believe anyone's allowed to go anywhere on their own ANYWAY. And I hope Locke's not expecting you to show up to cover the night shift, Jack.

Then they notice a strobe light pulsating in the jungle a little ways away, and they decide to investigate, perhaps in hopes that after such successful ventures as the golf tournament and the feast, Hurley's organized a rave.

Instead, Kate find a parachute attached to a large boxy pile. Jack tells her to wait, but Kate grabs a box from the pile, of "Dharma Initiative Macaroni & Cheese Supper." Now less powdery! Mmmm, tantalizing. Either Hurley's secret stash is bigger than anyone of us has suspected, or someone or something has dropped off some supplies. "It's food," says Kate. Or a reasonable facsimile thereof, anyway.

There's a rustling in the bushes, and they spin around to see Charlie, Sayid, and Ana-Lucia walk up. Charlie says, "What the bloody hell is that?" but Kate and Jack hilariously ignore him, primarily because Jack sees the look on Sayid's face and asks what he found. Sayid makes a face like, "Wait until you get a load of this."

Down the hatch, Gale helps Locke get on the couch and put his feet up on the coffee table, causing him to wince. Then he asks Henry what he did to make the doors go back up. Gale says he didn't do anything other than what Locke told him to do; he punched in the code, and the timer reset. He was climbing back into the vent when the lights went out, and then seconds later the doors went up. He pours a glass of water for Locke, who asks, "You think it was all random?" "Don't look at me; it's your hatch," says Henry, which cracked me up.

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