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During the Locke-down, John needs a little Gale force

Jack bursts in and orders Henry away from Locke. Henry's surprised, but a little more inclined to move when Sayid orders him to, especially as Sayid's pointing a gun at him. And despite Locke's protests that everything's okay, Jack grabs Henry and throws him up against a wall. Locke gives a half-assed explanation about letting him out during the lockdown. Gale looks terrified. "Couldn't you find my balloon?" he asks, looking at Ana, who shuffles her feet somewhat as she says that yes, they did find it.

"We did find your balloon, Henry Gale, exactly how you described it," says Sayid, with that perfect enunciation of his. He lowers the gun and gets right up into Henry's face as he explains that they also found his wife's grave, just as he described. "But still I did not believe it to be true. So I dug up that grave and found that there was not a woman inside. There was a man." Wow, good on ya, Sayid. I find a grave someone's described for me, I'm probably going to take them at their word.

Anyway, Sayid sounds more than a little pleased with himself, and he shows Henry the driver's licence he pulled out of the grave. "A man named Henry Gale," says Sayid. Sure enough, that's what the ID says: Henry Gale of Wayzata, Minnesota (represent!). And it's not like Henry can claim that he lost his ID while digging the grave; unless he's got the same skin-bleaching condition as a certain single-gloved pop star/acquitted child molester, he ain't Henry Gale. Right now it's a lot more likely that Henry's an Other than that he's a brother. Henry's face changes as he breaks Sayid's stare to look at Jack.

So again with the boring episode capped off with a compelling cliffhanger. You know, it's spring, and it's so nice outside and now that we've sprung forward it's light out a lot later; I think next week I'll go over to the park and shoot hoops until about five minutes left, come back, and recap that. That cool with everybody?

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