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During the Locke-down, John needs a little Gale force

Out in the pouring rain, Sayid and Ana-Lucia are arguing about the search for the balloon in question, since they haven't found it. Ana wonders if Henry made a mistake, and suggests searching the other side of the cliff, but Sayid thinks three hours of searching is more than enough, since he doesn't believe the balloon exists, and all Ana's done is given Henry two more days to think of a way to escape. Sayid starts yelling for Charlie, who yells, "Over here! This way!" all excited, like maybe he found some smack.

They run up to see that he's found a grave, complete with a stick cross at the head. Sayid and Ana squat down to have a closer look, and then Ana-Lucia notices that it doesn't seem to be raining where they are. They look up, and suspended in the trees above them is a giant bright orange and yellow balloon. Uh, you searched for three hours and didn't find that? Are you guys sure this is even an island, or could you have missed, like, a highway that'll lead you back to civilization?

Hurley's on the beach hanging up laundry or fiddling with his tent or something when Jack strides up and asks if he's seen Ana-Lucia lately. Hurley says she went into the jungle with Sayid and Charlie yesterday. Jack asks if he has any idea where they were going. "That would, like, assume that anyone actually tells me anything," says Hurley, who is Mr. Open Book. He says he might be more helpful if he were in the loop. "There's no loop," say Jack. Careful, Hurley. It wasn't all that long ago that Arse was complaining (to you, come to think of it) about this very thing. And then he got blown up. I'm just saying.

Fortunately, and I use the term loosely, Claire interrupts this to come running up to say that Aaron's being fussy or whatever, so I hope Sun has the afternoon free to look after him while Claire heads out across the island to cure some new "infection."

Jack checks Aaron out, says the fever's all gone, and Claire asks if Jack's just saying that, because he seems kind of distracted, and Jack chuckles and promises her that Aaron's fine, although is there anyone who wouldn't blame Jack for placating her just so we don't have to put up with sixty minutes of "mah BAY-by!"? He gets up to go, and Libby strolls up to ask if the doctor's still in. Apparently she got a boo-boo when she was reaching for mussels and grabbed a sea urchin instead, so let's all hope that Libby's not in charge of the cooking or anything. Jack says it's not infected, so it should be fine, and some Neosporin wouldn't hurt, like she just has to go down to the island Rite-Aid or something. She points out that the going rate for Neosporin is ten loads of laundry for a tube, and we see Sawyer playing cards with Kate and Hurley in the background. Jack looks like he's just now remembering that Sawyer has all the medicine.

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