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During the Locke-down, John needs a little Gale force

In the armoury, Henry's being a good prisoner, reading quietly in his cell, while Locke works out on the exercise bike, and giving the record player a workout as well. Locke looks lost in thought. His reverie is broken, however, when he hears what sounds like radio static underneath the music. He gets off the bike and checks the record player, and then pulls the needle off. There's still static, with a little bit of feedback. He walks into the computer room, and checks the Appleocalypse II, which looks normal. The timer's at 47 minutes. The static seems to be getting louder, however, and Locke strolls out into the corridor, where he discovers the source of the noise: a loudspeaker mounted up near the ceiling.

He fetches a screwdriver from a drawer, and brings back a chair to stand on so he can fiddle with the loudspeaker. As soon as he starts tightening whatever it was he decided needed tightening, there's a loud feedback whine that startles him. Startles him? He practically fell off the chair. But now we can hear what sounds like a woman's voice, but what she's saying is inaudible.

In the armoury, Henry's heard it too, and yells, "What was that?" He calls John's name, but John's listening too intently to reply.

We flashback to Locke and Helen driving slowly through a cemetery. Know how many people are buried there? All of 'em! Locke stops the car, and they look over a few plots to where a coffin sits, ready for the service. Helen asks if she's sure he wants to do this. Locke thinks about it, and nods. "We could just…go on that picnic, you know." Good GOD, woman. It's his FATHER. I know the guy stole a kidney, and I know Locke had a hard time letting things go, but let the guy go to his father's funeral, if only for some closure. Maybe go on the picnic afterwards, what do you say? "Soon, I promise," says Locke. And then Helen makes some joke about maybe Cooper leaving Locke his kidney, and they have a good laugh. What else are you gonna do?

At the service, the priest is blah-blah-ing about meeting in the air or whatever. Helen and Locke are the only two people there, so I guess it's a good thing they showed up. Would they have gone through the whole rigmarole if there was no one there? Who made the arrangements? Who put the obituary in the paper? Aren't these questions Locke should be asking? The priest is rambling, and Locke happens to glance to his right (and I stand corrected, there's someone else there -- some white-haired dude, I have no idea who) and sees a couple of ne'er-do-wells over at another gravesite. It's the classic thug combo of a short skinny dude and a tall stocky dude, and they're looking over Locke's way. They see him looking and go back to pretending they're visiting another person's grave. Locke frowns. He looks over to his left, and there's a white sedan on the cemetery road. Dark windows, we can't see who (if anyone) is inside.

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