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During the Locke-down, John needs a little Gale force

Meanwhile, down the hatch, Locke's examining the blast doors. The lighting starts to flicker, which makes Henry start to freak out worse than anything has so far. Locke squats down and tries to use the crowbar as a lever to open the door. No dice. Henry's still yelling, wanting to know what the noises were and what's wrong. Locke yells that nothing's wrong.

We flash back to Locke, who's traded in his blue ShopMart vest for the grey coveralls of a home inspector's job with Welcome Home. He's just wrapping up inspecting the house of some woman, who turns out to be Nadia. Sayid, wherever he is at this point, would be pleased I'm sure to know that Nadia's house's seismic bolting is first-rate and that there's no visible mould or dry rot. Locke says he thinks she and her husband have a pretty nice house there, which is awfully presumptuous, since it turns out that Nadia has no husband (something I'm sure Sayid would have also been pleased, at the time, to know). Judging from the sign on the lawn, she's selling the house. At least, I hope she is, as having a home inspection after you buy the house would be rather foolish.

Locke strolls back to his brown company truck, and he notices that the same car from the cemetery is parked across the street. He walks over to the driver's side door, which rolls down, revealing his father. Not much of a surprise there, I have to say. For anyone but Locke, I guess. "Hello, son," says Cooper.

Cooper and Locke have retired to a tavern. The bartender serves their drinks, and Locke asks what Cooper wants. He waited all the way until they got to the bar? Cooper starts in by acknowledging that what he did to Locke was wrong. "You stole my kidney!" says Locke for some reason, then adds, with some anguish, that Cooper could have just asked him. Wasn't it not so much the kidney as Cooper severing ties with Locke afterwards? Never mind; Cooper says he "killed" himself because there were two guys who were looking to take care of the job after Cooper took them for $700,000. "Retirement con," he says, and Cooper's con-artist business is doing an awful lot to convince an awful lot of people that Cooper is the dude who caused a bright-eyed James Ford to turn to a life of crime. Me, I'd like to know if these coincidences are ever going to turn into anything or just exist as a means to keep people inside with flow charts and notebooks filled with analysis. Cooper says the money's in a safe deposit box, but since the two goons are probably sitting on the bank, he needs Locke to pick the money up for him. So…these guys know Cooper's not actually dead? So he faked his death…why? Locke laughs, says Cooper must think he's stupid. Well, we'll see, won't we? Cooper says Locke can have $200,000 of the money, which won't make up for what he did, but it's the best he can do. Sounds to me like he could do at least a half million better than that. Cooper says he'll be at the Flight Line Motel out near the airport until the next afternoon, and then he's gone, money or no money. Huh? "And John? If I don't see you again, I'll understand." John stares at the key on the bar.

Back in the bunker, Locke's looking around for a way out, before yelling to Henry that they're locked in. You'll pardon Henry if he's not too concerned about being locked in even more. Henry asks if Locke tried prying the doors open, which he did, and then Henry quickly asks if Locke wants help. Locke strolls over to the armoury door and, after thinking it over, says yes. "And if I do help you get these doors up, then you're just going to lock me back in here, aren't you?" says Henry. The lights flicker some more, and Locke, figuring honesty is probably the best policy, says, "That's right." So Henry asks for Locke's word that he won't let his "people" do anything to him. Locke says that if Henry's who he says he is, then he's got nothing to worry about, so Henry starts in again with how the Lostaways are just looking for someone to blame. "So I'm gonna need your word, that you'll protect me. No matter what." As though that "no matter what" isn't the most suspicious thing over, Locke starts opening the combination lock, and then swings open the door. He looks at Henry. "Who are you?" he asks. "My name is Henry Gale. I'm from Minnesota. And I crashed on this island, just like you." Locke considers this, then says, "All right. You have my word." He turns away, and Henry looks kind of surprised, like he can't be-leeeeve that worked!

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