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During the Locke-down, John needs a little Gale force

Oh, yay. More poker! It's totally not tedious! Hurley and Kate fold, because of course the hand has to come down to Jack and Sawyer, who apparently has only three papayas left, and he slyly asks if Jack thinks he's in his head. And he calls him "Cool Hand." And of course the hand is one of those on television or in the movies where the first guy to flip over (Sawyer, with his "pocket queens") assumes he's won, only to have the other guy beat him (Jack's got "kings wired"). Sawyer gets all angry, while Jack thinks the game is over because he's got all the fruit: "It wouldn't be fair to make you go out and pick some more mangos." Sawyer snaps that he's got a lot more mangos, like maybe the scriptwriter wanted to see how many times he could use the word mangos in this episode, and Sawyer suggests raising the stakes. "It's a pile of fruit," says Jack, laughing, and Sawyer says he wants it back. Kate asks if she should just go get a ruler. Is she chastising them? Or does she just need some help making up her mind? And now Sawyer's booting Hurley and Kate off the table, even though Hurley for some god-only-knows reason wants to watch the deathly dull hand about to take place. "One more hand, Doc. What's it gonna take?" asks Sawyer. And Jack totally blows his poker face by saying he wants to play for the medicine Sawyer stole, all of it, which should have been Sawyer's first clue that Jack didn't just happen to stroll by the poker game. Sawyer just looks at him.

Down the hatch, Locke takes the weights off a barbell. He and Henry strain on the crowbar to lift the blast door up slightly, so Locke can slide the longer barbell underneath. And the extra leverage and the arm strength of a wee, beaten, and tortured prisoner is just what Locke needs to pry the door up from the floor about a foot, foot and a bit, to which I call bullshit anyway. Nice crappy blast doors, Dharma. Using the barbell, Locke holds the door up while he orders Henry to slide the large metal toolbox under it. He does so, and the door crunches down slightly down on the toolbox but goes no further. John sees the space under the door is high enough for a man to slide through, and gets an incredibly stupid idea. He gets down on the floor and starts to slide under, feet first, despite Henry's warnings. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the toolbox isn't enough to hold the door, which edges down enough to pin Locke at his thighs. Locke screams in pain. He yells for Henry to stack some of the barbell's weights underneath the door, which in retrospect was a much better idea than the toolbox anyway, to "stop the pressure." Amazingly, Henry's barbell stacking must have lifted the door slightly, because otherwise how could the pressure already bearing down on Locke's leg be relieved? Nevertheless, that's what happens. Henry starts to pull Locke out from under the door, but that ain't gonna work, because one of the pegs on the underside of the door is digging into Locke's leg. So Henry lays Locke down on his back instead, and says they'll wait for someone to come down, which is just a matter of time, which Locke says they don't have. Maybe if people other than just the inner circle were allowed in the hatch, they wouldn't have to wait as long?

Flashback to Locke opening up Cooper's safe-deposit box, which, naturally, is number 1516. The helpful bank lady puts it on a table for him, and then leaves Locke, so he can open it up, see the bundles of money inside, and perhaps ponder how his kidney-stealing dad is screwing him this time. At least he has the good sense to riffle through one of the stacks to make sure it's all money. He's brought a small bag with him to put it in. Fortunately, it looks like he had a good idea just how much space $700,000 in cash would take up.

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