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During the Locke-down, John needs a little Gale force

Back at Casa de Locke y Helen, an elated John strolls in and bellows for Helen to put on her Sunday best, because he is taking her out. He's in the midst of bending down to kiss her, when a clearly distraught Helen points out that somehow Locke has managed not to notice the two dudes in the kitchen with her. They are, naturally, the thugs from the cemetery. "These men say they knew your father," she says. The smaller one, black hair with goatee and ponytail, steps forward and amiably introduces himself as Jimmy Payne. "Pain," get it? More subtle character-naming from a television show that introduced us to a leader named Shephard. Jimmy Pain for some reason does not introduce his associate, Tommy Brokenbones. Locke looks surprised for a moment, before composing himself and saying Helen must have told them that he didn't know his father that well. Pain knows this, but still wanted to ask him: "You seen your father since he died, Mr. Locke?" Locke turns up the surprise factor in his face and sputters a little bit. Pain figures that maybe, possibly, Cooper ain't dead, and maybe, possibly, Locke knows this. He says, "For his son, you didn't look too shook up at his funeral." At least Locke has a perfectly good reason for this -- ungrateful kidney recipients are probably easy to sever familial ties with -- but Helen answers for him, with a little more outrage than Locke might have, referring to Cooper as a son of a bitch. "We were there to get past him. To get on with our lives. To let him go," she snaps, and then tells Pain and Brokenbones to get out. Pain says okay, but then all Columbo says there's just one more thing, and asks Locke what's in the bag. Locke pauses a moment before saying it's papers and stuff for his home-inspecting job. Pain clearly doesn't believe him. "Mind if I take a look?" he says. John waits a moment before unshouldering the bag and giving it to Pain, who hands it off to Brokenbones, who opens it, and instead of looking in it, shakes it out onto the kitchen table. Sure enough, it's just work-related stuff. Pain has a look on his face like, "All right, Locke. You've won this round," but he just thanks Helen for the coffee, and he and Brokenbones show themselves out.

John asks Helen if she's okay. She is, but she pensively asks him if he was lying to Pain and Brokenbones. Locke says he was just scared, that's all. Helen looks like she's not sure she entirely believes him, but she hugs him.

And, upon checking IMDb, turns out Pain's name is actually Bane. Same difference. Besides, we're not going to see him again, at least not in this episode.

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