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During the Locke-down, John needs a little Gale force

Back in Swan station, Locke has decided that swearing at Henry will make him wake up. Which it does! Henry comes to, and he's all groggy, but Locke's got no time for him to be dazed and contused, and orders him back up into the vents. He keeps yelling at Henry, who's no longer responding, and the more-urgent one-minute alarm starts sounding.

Locke pulls up at the Flight Line motel and gets out of his company truck. The motel seems to be aptly named, judging by the CGI plane flying directly overhead. And judging by the size of that plane, it's landing in the parking lot. Carrying his little duffel bag, he knocks on one of the doors. No peepholes on the doors, though, because Cooper needs to ask who it is before he opens the door. He smiles when he sees it's Locke.

Locke sets the bag of money down on the coffee table and opens it up, showing him the money. Cooper doesn't even say thanks or anything, just asks if there were any problems as he starts loading the money into his own bag. Then he asks if Locke's "date" at his funeral has a name. "Helen," says Locke. "That's a nice name. Pretty girl, too," says Cooper, like he's all proud of his son scoring a babe. Locke seems to have sufficiently forgiven his dad to say that tonight he's going to ask Helen to marry him. Cooper can barely look up from his bag o' money to say, "Congratulations." And he puts a couple of stacks of money on the table: "Your share. Should buy you a nice honeymoon." Locke says he didn't do this for the money. Cooper can't conceive of any other reason why he'd do it, and Locke just looks at him. And even Cooper is sick of this show's daddy issues, as he just stammers out that he has a cab waiting. Really? You didn't know when or if Locke was showing up, and you have a cab waiting? "If you don't want the cash, the maid's going to get a hell of tip," he says, adding, "Bye, John."

Cooper opens the door, and instead of Pain and Brokenbones standing there, which I was expecting, and, to be honest, kind of hoping for, it's Helen, surprising the hell out of Cooper, especially when she slaps him across the face. "How could you? How could you do this to him? We were moving past this!" She looks at Locke, who sort of starts to gesture towards the money on the table, but isn't able to say anything, and it's not like "I wanted my share of the $700,000 that Dad conned those thugs out of" would at any rate be anything she was interested in hearing. She stomps off, and Cooper looks at Locke all shocked.

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