The New Man in Charge

by Zach Oat August 24, 2010
Lost Season 6: The DVD Review

The sixth and final season of Lost came out on DVD today, and while it doesn't come with a board game like the Complete Collection, it was still packed with plenty of content, the most significant of which is the new epilogue, in which we supposedly "get some answers." And we do, kind of, but not really. Ben, Walt and Hurley all show up, as does Dr. Chang and the Hurleybird, but most of the big mysteries remain mysteries. However, if you love Dharma Initiative training videos, you're in luck, because that's like, half of it. We'll start off with the contents of the epilogue, then get into the other extras after that.

Epilogue: "The New Man in Charge"
Two Dharma drones print out labels and package up a shipment for delivery at a Dharma Logistics warehouse in Guam, although they stop once Ben Linus shows up and hands them their severance pay. It turns out that Dharma has been gone for 20 years, and the coordinates they've been getting have been sent automatically, from the Lamp Post station in Los Angeles. Seeing they're having trouble processing it all, Ben allows them -- meaning us -- to each ask a question before he leaves. The first question, "Where does the food go?" reveals that the location of the island is constantly changing, because the coordinates are different every time. The second question, "Why are we sending polar bear treats to an island in the Pacific?" prompts Ben to steal some granola bars and pop in a Hydra station orientation video, starring Dr. Pierre Chang. Although the first thing Chang says is not to tell anyone else his name, or he'll need to use an alias. J.J. Abrams reference, or an explanation for his various pseudonyms? You be the judge!

In the video, Chang shows us a bunch of caged rabbits, a covered cage apparently containing a Hurleybird and some stock footage of polar bears, then vaguely explains why the animals are there. (The Hurleybirds are hybrids, or "hy-birds," and they're seeing how they adapt to the environment. The polar bears are apparently perfectly suited to electromagnetic studies in colder climes.) He then explains that the trainee will have to wait for the bears to figure out the co-operative snack-dispensing device, then ship them off to the Orchid station on the main island, possibly for transportation to an Arctic location. Or, you know, a desert. But they need to make sure the females aren't pregnant, because the high levels of radiation there can affect the adorably unborn bear cubs. It is not explained if the bears could safely give birth on Hydra island or what. Then we get a tour of Room 23, where they explain that "Hostiles" are taken from the main island, sedated and brought there unwillingly for interrogation. Apparently, the Initiative really wants to know more about their origins, their way of life and this "Jacob" fellow they worship. Then the Hostiles are drugged and shown disturbing videos to induce amnesia, so as to preserve the truce. Lastly, Chang tells the viewer not to tell other members of the Initiative what goes on there. Or anyone who hasn't bought the DVD set. I may be in trouble here.

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