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Sisters are screwing it up for themselves
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It's the middle of the night, and Turniphead's all fussy, crying and screaming like a big baby. Claire's frantically trying to shush him, and wakes up Locke, as if Locke could sleep with all the racket anyway, and says she needs to find Jack because Aaron's sick. Locke says Jack is "on shift" in the hatch. Claire makes as to light out for the hatch, but Locke stops her, saying he can't let her go through the jungle alone at night. You'd think that'd be something Claire would be quite reluctant to do without Locke saying it. But anyway, he volunteers to go get the doctor.

Jack is sleeping on a couch. Boy, is old man Locke going to be pissed at Jack! Probably going to make him work on the weekend, too! Jack wakes up as Locke enters, and he's not overly thrilled when he finds out he's been roused because Turniphead supposedly has a fever. "Claire was coming here," says Locke, pointedly, and he and Jack both look at the closed-door of the armoury jail where Henry Gale is being held. So it wasn't so much chivalry that made Locke come, as not wanting their little Abu Ghraib to be exposed. Locke asks if Henry's asleep. "Not a sound all night," says Jack. So, asleep or dead, then. Jack resignedly gets up, says he'll be back as soon as he can.

Back on Craphole Beach, Claire's still trying to calm a screaming Aaron, wetting a cloth to cool him down. I've always wondered what they do to babies to make them cry like that when they need to on television shows. Or do they just sit around waiting for a tantrum? When I was a baby, my dad would surreptitiously poke me during church, so I'd start crying and he could take me out and go home and watch the hockey game. Anyway, Rousseau comes strolling up, and by "strolling up," I mean, "does that weird zombie staring walk thing she does." Claire freaks out, yelling. Nobody comes running. Wasn't there supposed to be some sort of guard system at the beach? You know, what with all the people dying? And failing that, can people be bothered to WAKE UP when someone is screaming? Rousseau is fixated on Aaron. "He's infected, isn't he," she says. Claire, who really should have run far, far away by this point, wants to know what she's talking about. Rousseau says Aaron's sick. Claire yells for her to get away. "You don't remember, do you?" says Rousseau, and apparently now Claire does, because we get a rapid-fire succession of images: a crib with a mobile of planes; the door on a stainless-steel medicine cabinet swinging open, revealing shelves full of vaccine bottles; a woman's hands holding some knitting; someone unscrewing the top of a canteen; a woman's face filling the screen; the tip of a needle, and then a very pregnant belly being wiped with a disinfectant before said huge-ass needle is poked in; and Claire struggling with Rousseau. Over top we hear a couple of klaxons with some dude saying, "It's a vaccine. We don't want him to get sick." I didn't recognize the voice at this point.

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