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Meet Kevin Johnson
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Previously, on Lost, Walt! Waaaalt! WAAAaaaaaalt! WAAAAAAAAALT!

The Barracks. The wind is blowing ominously, but all of the speaking cast members of Locke's tribe are sitting around in a cozy cabin. Oh, hey, Ben's there too. That might explain the awkward silence. The door opens, and a bound Miles is shoved into the room by Locke. He makes a little speech about how he finally has enough information to make a decision, and that he's decided not to keep any secrets from the group. Locke tells them that he's going to have Miles tell them all why the Boaties are on the island. Miles, gesturing to Ben, "We're here for him." Hurley points out that everyone knows that already. Sawyer wonders when they're going to turn Ben over to the Boaties, but Ben tells them that once the Boaties have captured him, they'll kill everyone on the island. Miles doesn't deny it. Claire asks if Locke is seriously suggesting that they protect Ben after he tried to kill Locke. Ben also drops the bomb that his spy on the boat is Michael. Sawyer reminds us all what a sneaky traitor Michael was. I guess he wasn't watching the previouslies.

On the boat, Sayid and Desmond are sleeping in their bunks. Cue the slash. An alarm goes off, and they quickly get up and make their way to the deck. What kind of alarm is it, you ask? I think it's the "captain is mercilessly beating a member of the crew" alarm. We can see that someone has been trying to throw an inflatable boat overboard, presumably as a way of getting off the boat. Captain Gault finishes administering his beat-down and tells everyone, "Nobody leaves this ship without my say-so!" He reminds them that leaving the boat seems to be a short-cut to death, preceded by agonizing delusions and/or time travel. The captain calls for Johnson to clean up all the blood he spilled. Sayid and Michael exchange ominous glances as everyone else leaves the deck. Sayid greets Michael (by his real name, not calling him Kevin Johnson). Michael tries to ignore him, but Sayid insists on speaking right then and there. Sayid asks him, "Why are you on this boat?" Michael: "I'm here to die." Credits.

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