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Namaste Or Nama-Go Now?

Nighttime; 2007: Frank and Sun reach the dock at New Otherton. It's in a bit of a shambles, as is New Otherton, itself. Frank's trying to figure out why they're doing this. Sun says it's because Ben said if Jin was on the island, the best place to start looking for him was there. Frank cracks, "Oh, I see. That's some advice you took before you whacked him in the head." Hee. I'm so glad he came back. As they get to the land end of the dock, there's a rustling noise in the bushes. Smokey? Maybe, but Sun says, "Oh, it's probably just an animal." She's lying, it seems, but it's enough to keep Frank going. When they reach New Otherton, it looks just like it did after Keamy and his men killed Alex and wreaked general havoc. They arrive at the old processing center. Signs are hanging and swinging in the breeze and the place looks deserted. Frank doesn't think they're going to find Jin there and suggests they head back. Then the wind picks up and the whispers start. Whisper whisper whisper. A light turns on in one of the cabins and the door opens to reveal a man in silhouette. He calls out, "Hello." Frank says, "Who the hell are you?" And the man steps out of the shadows. "My name is Christian." Sun has no time to waste concocting some confusing cover story, and goes straight to her question. I love her. "I'm looking for my husband. His name's Jin Kwon. Do you know where he is?" Christian Shephard nods, smiles and says, "Follow me." Commercial.

Even with only Christian's flashlight to illuminate their way, we can tell the processing center is a disaster. Books and papers are on the floor. Signs dangle and swing in the breeze. Blinds and windows are broken. Christian shines his flashlight on the wall and starts spouting numbers, but they're not the numbers. "72, 76, 78." Sun asks where her husband is. Christian seems to ignore her. "Oh, here we go. '77." He takes the picture off the wall and dusts it with the side of his sleeve, then turns to Sun. "He's with your friends." Sun asks what he's talking about. "What friends?" Christian brings her the picture and the door blows open and the wind begins to howl. He hands her the photo. It's so dark inside, but we can make out Hurley in the front row. As Sun stares down at it, Christian says, "I'm sorry, but you have a bit of a journey ahead of you." And we cut to...

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