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Namaste Or Nama-Go Now?

1977; Dharmaville: Someone takes a picture of the new recruits, including Jack, Kate and Hurley, under a "Namaste New Recruits" banner, and then Phil tells them they have the rest of the day to familiarize themselves with their security protocol handbooks, which are waiting in their "new digs." He allows that some of the material might seem a little scary, but assures them they're perfectly safe here. Right. He invites them to dig into the hamburgers and punch, when a call comes over his walkie. It's "LaFleur," alerting him to the presence of a 14-J, that is, Sayid. Sawyer drives up, and as he, Jin, Radzinsky and Sayid get out of the VW Bus, Phil cautions the new recruits to stay back, because they have a "minor security situation." Hurley, Kate and Jack can't help but stare as they manhandle their prisoner toward one of the buildings. Sawyer just scowls at them. When they've passed by, Hurley whispers, "I guess we've found Sayid." What was your first clue, honey?

Sawyer and Phil march Sayid downstairs in The Arrow, and bring him past the security monitors and lock him in a cell. Sawyer says, "All right, you can hang out here until we can figure out what the hell to do with you." Phil wants to know what they will do with him. Sawyer looks at Sayid, sighs, and then looks back to Phil. "Bring the man some damn food. We're not savages." Phil looks like he'd rather follow the Radzinsky plan: shoot first; bring food to the widow. But he heeds Sawyer. Once Sawyer and Sayid are alone, does Sawyer wink? Oh no, he does not. But he does squint kindly, and he nearly nods his head before he walks off. Big of him, don't you think? Sayid just stands there all, What the hell? Why did I come back here?

That night, Jack walks across the quad and asks Phil where James LaFleur lives. Phil indicates the house but says, "But I wouldn't call him James. He hates it." Jack chuckles, nods and continues on his way. Juliet answers his knock at the door, and they look at each other about the same way Kate and Sawyer looked at each other out at the north point. Oh, you crazy kids and your love rectangles! Who's closer to a fivehead -- Jack or Sawyer? Well, whatever, they hug and Jack says, "I saw you earlier today when you were helping Kate, and I wanted to say something to you then, but..." You know, Kate! Oh no, wait, that's not it. Juliet finishes for him: "We're not supposed to know each other." Jack says, "Yeah." Juliet says, "Yeah." I say, "Then shouldn't you take your huggy-faced reunion indoors, away from prying eyes, you big dorks?" Jack tells her he was looking for Sawyer. "I guess I came to the wrong house." Juliet, looking like the cat who swallowed the canary, says, "No. Come in."

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