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Namaste Or Nama-Go Now?

A boy enters The Arrow. He's carrying a brown paper bag and stops to talk to Phil -- who apparently is never off the clock. "Hey, Phil. I'm just going to go in there and deliver him a sandwich." Phil says that's all right, so the boy walks toward the cell area, and shuts the door behind him. [Uh, Phil? You watchin' this kid? - Z] He walks right up to the bars and grabs hold with one hand. "I brought you a sandwich." Sayid sits, then rises to his feet when the boy passes the bag through the bars. He looks up at Sayid -- all big, watery blue eyes behind rounded glasses. "I didn't put mustard on it, but if you'd like some, I could get some." Sayid thanks him, tells him it will be fine, and turns away. He stops when the boy asks, "Are you a hostile?" Sayid says, "Do you think I am?" The boy swallows hard, and pauses. Then: "What's your name?" Sayid gives his first name and asks the boy, "What's yours?" Still all eyes, the boy looks up and says, "I'm Ben." The music drives home that this is MOMENTOUS FOR SAYID. He finally says, "It's... nice to meet you, Ben." DUN! Bad robot!

Do you mind if I nitpick for a moment? Now I thought this episode moved along fine and all that, and the A grade I gave it is, like all the grades I assigned, based on how I felt about it immediately following -- before I had time to think, re-watch, or read the boards. But now that I've taken that time, I've got to say it's frustrating to me that the characters don't tell each other stuff. I know the writers have to save up something for subsequent episodes, but I don't think they succeeded in making the characters seem quite as real this week. It was ridiculous to me how long it took Jack, Kate and Hurley to mention Sun. Even Jin, for that matter. I mean, I can understand why he didn't expect her to be on the island. He made Locke promise not to bring her back, and to tell her he (Jin) was dead. But... she left pregnant. Jin didn't ask anything about her and his child? And he can speak English now? That is unbelievable to me. Also, I think it's a little weird that Sawyer didn't mention all the wacky time jumps they went through. I know it was three years ago for him, but still. And Jack, Kate and Hurley -- they don't mention that they somehow got teleported out of their plane? Seriously, Show?

And another thing... okay, granted, maybe Jack sort of raised Sawyer's hackles by not playing nice, and not taking a seat, and certainly by giving him crap about reading a book while Sayid's locked up in a D.I. cell, but... Locke came back to the mainland, ranting and raving about how Jack and everyone had to come back to Craphole to save the lives of the people still on Craphole, right? And the Strand-aways were all for Locke going to do whatever it was he had to do to fix their deadly time jumping predicament -- which at the time, Locke thought could only be solved by dragging the Escape-aways back to Craphole. Now granted, the flashes stopped 3 years ago, so Sawyer, Juliet, etc. have figured out it didn't take the Escape-aways' return to fix it all. But they know why Locke left, so they must have a good idea why Jack and crew are back. And so then Sawyer disses Jack for coming back? Are you kidding me, Show? If I were Jack, I think I would have given Sawyer a little more of a hard time than just mentioning that he was reading a book. I mean, Locke shows up all, "Danger, danger, death, destruction. You must save them." Then Jack comes back to find Sawyer with a good job, the respect of the community, a hot blonde in his home, and a comfortable place to sleep. And he's locking up Sayid, and not sharing information with the people who came back to help him. There would have been fisticuffs, I tell you what! Okay, first there would have been questions, "So um, why did you need us to come back to this place we fought so desperately to escape?" And then there would have been fisticuffs. I know he's generally more popular than Jack, but I wanted to smack James for the last 5 minutes of this episode, take him up on that beer, and then smack him again. And his little patty-finger wave to Kate, while Juliet was probably waiting in his bedroom (or kitchen) didn't win him any points in my eyes, either. So and in conclusion? There.

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