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After the commercial, they recap for one another, because there was no TWoP in 1977, and then figure out that both groups have lived out a three-year period since the Escape-aways left the Strand-aways. They've just done so during different three-year periods. Then Miles calls Jin on his walkie. Jin says he's got to report in soon or they'll send out a patrol. Hurley breaks in. "Dude, your English is awesome." And thank goodness, because I'm tired of not hearing Jin fully express himself, verbally. DDK isn't just a pretty face, he's a good actor. It's high time he got something of substance to say in English. Sawyer says they'll bring the Returnees back to the Barracks at the D.I. They can't be wandering around the jungle with the hostiles. When Kate questions that term, he says, "the Others" like she just got off the short bus. Well, she was in the VW bus, so I guess she did.

FINALLY, Hugo brings up "everyone" else from the plane. And when Jin wonders who all that could mean, Jack slowly -- like a glacier -- explains that means: Sayid, Lapidus and... you know how sometimes I insert "A beat" in between a character's lines, to convey that he pauses? Yeah, well, this is no beat. It's a drum solo from John Bonham. Then finally: "Oh and hey, this chick Sssssssssssun, maybe you know her, on account of her being Asian too, dude." (That might be a paraphrase.)

Apparently, Jin hasn't become fluent in cussing, because he just gives everyone a dirty look and nearly leaps over them on his way to Sawyer's Jeep, because he is so not picking up his best girl in that VW Bus, and can you blame him? Sawyer tries to get him to wait and plan, but Jin's off like the bride's pajamas. He's going to The Flame, because if a plane landed on the island, Radzinsky will know. So Sawyer tells the Returnees to stay put on the north point, until he can work out a way to bring them into Dharmaville without trouble. Before he leaves, Kate asks who else is still "here" other than him and Jin, and we cut to...

Juliet. She's entering the monitoring area at what I think is The Arrow, but I am forever mixing up the stations unless I see a huge sign or the characters refer to it every line. She asks Miles if he's seen "James." He hasn't and notes he hasn't answered his walkie, either. She tells him about Jin's call earlier that morning and how Sawyer just ran out, so Miles brings up some surveillance video, and Juliet sees Sawyer getting out of the VW Bus, right there in Dharmaville. She returns to their love shack, to find him frantic, and tearing through the closet in search of clothing. When she asks him what's up, Sawyer tells her the Returnees have... returned, and are out at the north point. Juliet looks less than thrilled, but to be fair, she's also just stunned. She sits on the edge of the bed and tries to mumble out a question about how they got back, but Sawyer cuts her off and just says they said something about being on a plane. He then takes a moment to look at her, and seeing her reaction, he slows himself down, and sits next to her on the bed. "I don't understand it any more than you do. But they're here, and I gotta find a way to bring 'em in, before somebody else finds 'em, and they screw up everything we got here." Juliet looks at him and tries to smile, but doesn't quite make it. She reminds him there's a sub coming in that afternoon. Sawyer puts on his "I've got an idea" face, and we cut to

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