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Namaste Or Nama-Go Now?

The Flame: Jin roars up to the station in Sawyer's Jeep. Inside, Radzinsky is working on a model of The Swan, and is all bitchy because Jin didn't knock. Jin runs off to get the radar logs. Radzinsky freaks out. "Oh, get your hands off that!" Jin doesn't let go of the paper he's just taken off the printer, so Radzinsky rips it out of his hands. "I thought you learned English." Oh, I don't like him. Kill him, Jin, and make it look like a suicide. "I said, hands off! Nobody handles any of the gear in this station, except me. Understand?" Jin explains that he needs the radar logs to determine if a plane landed on the island. Radzinsky sasses Jin, but Jin asks him to check with the other stations. When Radzinsky starts to argue, Jin shoves him up against the wall and convinces him to change his mind. After he radios the other station he says, "So, what are you all hot and bothered about, Kwon? Why's this plane so damned important?" Jin stares him down and we cut to...

Sun. She's standing on the beach, idly playing with Jin's wedding ring. Ilana approaches and asks if she lost someone. Sun's caught off guard at first, but then manages to tell Ilana she was traveling alone. Frank calls for all the Crashees' attention and tells them that the radio is dead, but as soon as "they" figure out they're missing, "they'll" coming looking for them. In the meantime, they should hunker down and stick together. Caesar wants to know where they are, but Frank says he doesn't know. It's an uncharted island. Caesar isn't buying, because he's seen buildings and animal cages, and a bigger island across the way, so he snaps that Frank should get some new charts. Frank says that right now, he's just trying to keep people safe, as if he totally would get charts if he weren't so busy with the people needing safety, and all. Heh. He then encourages his passengers to look for some firewood, which totally makes me miss Bernard and Rose. Caesar doesn't know from Bernard and Rose (as far as we know), so he's gets all viva la revolution; up the republic; let's ignore Frank and explore those buildings to see if there's a radio or food. And honestly, it's not a bad idea. I just don't care for how he dissed Frank. [Nobody puts Jeff Fahey in the corner! - Zach]

Now the moment Caesar mentions animal cages, Ben's pointy little ears perk up and he realizes where they've crashed -- Hydra Island -- so he slips off into the jungle, unnoticed by all but Sun, who slips off into the jungle after him, unnoticed by all but Frank, who slips off into... well, you get the picture. Just when Sun thinks she's lost Ben, he rounds back on her. He wants to know why she's following him. Sun wants to know where he's going. Ben looks at her like duh. "Back to our island. You wanna come?" Commercial.

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