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Namaste Or Nama-Go Now?

1977; Dharmaville: New mother Amy is sleeping in a hammock next to her baby's pram, so Juliet sneaks up and lifts her clipboard, which wakes Amy. Juliet apologizes for waking her and says she just came to get the sub manifest because she doesn't want Amy working today. Conveniently, Amy tells her that two recruits dropped out because they didn't want to take the sedative necessary to ride the Craphole express. She asks Juliet to tell "Pierre" for her. Juliet then coos at the baby and lifts him from his carriage. She continues to "ooh" and "ah" until Amy tells her the name she and Horace have chosen for their son: Ethan. Juliet smiles like you do when you have to talk to someone you hate, and quickly but gently places the baby in his mother's arms. And she manages not to scream, "Touch not the unclean thing!" so I think she wins. Amy says, "So, when are you and Jim going to have one of these?" Juliet tears up. "I don't know." Now that his true love is back in town. "The timing's got to be right." So how about right after I feed her to Smokey? She leaves Amy to her baby monster and scurries off with the manifest and we cut to...

The North Point: Kate wants to know if the woman who told them how to get back explained that they'd be going back in time 30 years. Jack's all, "Um, no, she forgot to mention that." Kate asks what they should do, now. Jack's not sure yet, and he's saved from improvising by Hurley's announcement that Sawyer has returned. Sawyer gives them all some period garb and tells them they are going to pose as new recruits who just came in on the sub. Jack wants to find the other Returnees from the plane, but Sawyer says there's no time, because there isn't another new batch of recruits due for six months, which is a long time to sleep out in the jungle. Jack asks Kate and Hurley what they think. They vote for listening to Sawyer (and Hurley votes for not camping), so Sawyer tells them to just do what he says and everything will be fine. I wouldn't respond well to that. I'm just saying. Anyhow, we cut to...

The Flame: Radzinsky says he just heard back from the last station to report -- The Looking Glass -- and they've got nothing but an incoming sub. He tries to shoo Jin back to the barracks when the computer starts beeping. Radzinsky finds the cause: someone tripped a motion sensor alarm in Grid 325. "We've got a hostile inside the perimeter." Jin takes off like a bat out of Hell, and Radzinsky rushes after him, but he does take time to close the station door, which strikes me as sort of darling, even though I hate him. Jin reaches the "hostile" first, but it's not Sun. It's Sayid! He's still cuffed, but is chuffed to see Jin. Jin immediately asks where Sun is. Sayid says he doesn't know, but before he can explain any further, Radzinsky reaches them. Aware of his presence, Jin completely changes his tone toward Sayid, and trains his rifle on him. "Shut up! Say another word, and you're dead." Sheesh, Jin. Do they not wink in your culture? Poor Sayid. Commercial.

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