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Namaste Or Nama-Go Now?

VW Bus: Sawyer, Hurley, Jack and Kate head back toward the barracks. Hurley double-checks that it's really 1977 and that Jin and Sawyer are really part of the Dharma Initiative now, and then reminds Sawyer that the D.I. all got wiped out; he saw the pit o'corpses. He asks Sawyer if he shouldn't warn them about their impending demise. As boss man, Sawyer doesn't like being questioned any more than when he was the town heckler. "I ain't here to play Nostradamus to these people." James, do you realize Jin's English is better than yours? He's not listening. He's still explaining the ground rules to Hurley. "Besides, Faraday's got some interesting theories on what we can and can't do here." Jack says, "Did you say Faraday? He's here?" Sawyer looks back then returns his eyes to the road (which is really just grass) and says, "Not anymore." As Zach Oat so eloquently put it in my recaplet, that probably means Daniel has gone "cray-cray." And we cut to...

Dharmaville: There's a big banner up which reads, "Welcome New Recruits." There are blue and white balloons, parents and kids, and the strains of "Ride, Captain, Ride," by the Blues Image playing in the background. Sawyer, Hurley, Kate and Jack get out of the van. Hurley's wearing Sawyer's oversized bulldog hoodie. It's no "I heart my Shih Tzu" t-shirt, but then, what is? Kate's wearing a peasant blouse with pretty purple and blue embroidery, which I'd totally wear, and then I'd remember I'm too busty for peasant blouses, and fret all day that I looked pregnant. Evangeline Lily just looks adorable. Jack's wearing an ill-fitting, cheap-looking blue polo shirt, or a proto-type thereof, that's probably a blend. Sawyer puts a lei on Kate. Foreshadowing? If so, I hope it ends there, because he then puts one on Hurley and Jack, too. They're funky leis -- part flower, but mostly shells. Sawyer gives the Returnees the recruit-processing rundown. Juliet's worked it all out for them, so they should go into the processing center for the meet and greet, watch the video, smile, and act doped up like they're still coming off the sedative. Jack does not say, "That'll be a snap," so Sawyer continues with his instructions: smile and take your work assignments (which Sawyer has handled for them) and everything should be okay. Hurley wants to know what to do if they ask something he doesn't know, like who was President in 1977. It was Jimmy Carter, you infant. Sawyer says, "It's not a damn game show, Hugo. Besides, I'm gonna be in there to get your backs, all right? Let's move."

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