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Namaste Or Nama-Go Now?

As they make their way toward the processing center, Miles drives up in another VW Bus. "LaFleur! Where've you been? I've been trying to reach you on the walkie." And then he realizes who all is surrounding "LaFleur." "What they hell are they doing here?!" Sawyer smiles, puts his arm around Miles' shoulder and says, "They're new inductees." Inductees? What is this, the Baseball Hall of Fame? They're recruits, dummy. Get your story straight, James. And Miles, close your mouth before you start catching flies. Now that I've told them what for, let's get back to their side of things. Miles tells Sawyer that he needs to talk to him about Jin. There's a 14-J at The Flame. Sawyer radios Jin, who explains they found a hostile, but then once he gets out of Radzinsky's earshot, tells Sawyer the hostile is Sayid. Sawyer says -- say it with me now, "Son of a bitch!" Then, "Was anyone else with him?" Sadly, Jin says no, that Sayid was wandering alone and we cut to...

...Ben and Sun wandering through the jungle, alone. Together. She's trying to keep up with him and asks him to wait, but Ben's not interested in waiting. "There are three outriggers near here. I'm gonna take one. So you can come along and help me row..." He stops to remove his sling, so either some of that was fakery, or Craphole's healing powers extend to Hydra Island AND Ben's somewhat back in the island's good graces. He continues: "Or you can stay here. Frankly, it makes no difference to me." Sun asks why he's leaving, but he turns the question back on her. "Why are you staying?" Sun wants to know if the main island is where she'll find Jin. Ben says, "Honestly, I don't know. But that's where I'd start looking." And I faint. Okay, I'm back now. I fainted, because I think he actually was being honest just then. Weird. Oh, maybe my weird-o-meter is back from its trip to the sun.

Frank catches up to them, and although Ben greets him cordially, Frank only addresses Sun. He asks if she's all right and when she confirms she is, Frank says, "I got worried when I couldn't find you. I saw him leaving. What are you doing out here?" I love how it pains him to acknowledge Ben's existence. Sun tells him that Ben knows where there's a boat, and that she's returning to the main island with him. Frank hopes she doesn't think she can trust Ben. Sun says she has no choice but to trust him. They make their way to the beach and Ben starts taking the brush cover off of the outriggers. Ben asks Sun if she's ready. When she says she is, Frank calls out to her. "Sun, I want you to think about this, okay? This guy is dangerous." She looks at him, but continues to remove the brush from the boats. Frank says, "Sun, that boat I came here on -- it was filled with commandos whose only mission was to get him."

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