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Namaste Or Nama-Go Now?

Ben puts on his pissy face. "And how'd that work out for everyone?" Well, honestly Ben, not too well, considering they didn't get you. Or possibly, point taken. Sun looks out to the water, then back at Frank, who begs her not to do it. And is it just me, or am I sensing some real chemistry with these two? I don't actually want to. I'm dying for the Jin/Sun reunion already, but man, the way Frank looks at her. Sun asks Frank to come with them. He says he can't; he's responsible for the people on the beach. Ben can't wait to get rid of him. He walks away from the outrigger and right up to Frank. "That's right, Frank. A captain's first responsibility is to his passengers." Frank looks at Sun out of the corner of his eye, while Ben continues: "But I have people I have to take care of, too. There's a small dock about a half mile due south, across the water. It leads directly to a town where I used to live." The camera cuts to Sun, and if looks could kill Sun would be armed and dangerous. Ben keeps talking. "There are resources there. So if anyone can help you and the rest of the plane..." Sun's hair is just visible behind a close up shot of Ben's head and shoulders. "...get out of here safely, it --" THWACK! Sun freaking CLOCKS him with the oar and knocks him out, cold. Heh, she didn't even need the deadly look. She gazes down at his unconscious form, then up at Frank, who squints and says, "I thought you trusted this guy?" Sun's voice is as calm as her face. "I lied." Dun. Commercial.

1977; Dharmaville: The Returnees watch a film of Pierre Chang explaining the high-frequency sonar fence that protects them from the island's abundant and diverse wildlife, like, you know, the Others and the Smokeosaurus. As Kate wonders how they're going to pull this off, Phil the Security Guard calls Jack's name. He escorts him over to a table with a sign reading "Uniforms" hanging above. A man comes over mumbling about Jack's missing file and how disorganized things are on "the other side." It's none other than Pierre Chang, himself. He introduces himself with a "Namaste," but I'm pretty sure Jack's already familiar with his work. He asks Jack who shuttled him from the sub to the processing center. Jack stumbles for a moment, because he's a pro at coming off drugs, and then says it was LaFleur, whom Chang praises for running a tight organization. He then explains he's left his research to cover for a woman who just had a baby last night, and he really seems sort of pissy that she inconvenienced him with her frivolous and ill-timed... labor and delivery. Hmm, maybe he's traveled through time and knows how Ethan turned out. He finally finds Jack's job assignment -- "the shed." Chang gives him a jumpsuit that reads "Workman" and explains that, based on Jack's aptitude tests, he's been assigned to the janitorial staff. Oh, Sawyer, you dawg, you.

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